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10 One-Hit Wonders in US Music Industry

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Many people seem to love one-hit wonders for lyrics and music unique to their era. Unlike singers or band with recurring success in the music industry, one-hit wonders represent fresh new looks and faces. They may never return to their former glory, but many will still remember these one-hit wonders for a long time:

10.Carl Douglas

Carl Douglas is a Jamaican singer, who is best known for “Kung Fu Fighting”. The song peaked in UK Singles Chart and US Billboard Hot 100 in 1974. Douglas was the first Jamaican singer to reach number one position on US charts. Douglas grew up in the UK and US; and went to study audio engineering. In 1964, he formed the “Big Stampede”, which released a couple of singles in the UK.

Douglas had some interest with eastern martial arts, such as judo and kung fu. His 1973’s song, “Kung Fu Fighting” was a huge hit, with 500,000 copies sold in UK and 1 million in the US. Today, “Kung Fu Fighting” is considered one of the best club songs of all time.
He continued by releasing “Love, Peace and Happiness” (1979) and “Keep Pleasing Me” (1983)” with limited success.

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