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Top 10 Facts About The Outer Space

4 Mins read

7. Free Floating Liquids

Free Floating Liquids

We all know that there is no gravity in the outer space. This means that there is a sense of weightlessness in the outer space. Because of this feature of the space, the liquids form free-floating spheres in the space. For this reason, astronauts wising to consume any liquids like water have to consume them through a straw with the liquid being in tightly sealed container. However, to have fun, they can even suck the free-floating bubbles of the liquid that are caused due to the weightlessness.

6. No Burping

No Burping

The astronauts in the outer space cannot burp. This is not because they are being polite but because they would not be able to do so for the lack of gravity in space. The lack of gravity in space would not separate the liquids from the gas in their stomachs, which means that their burp would come out wet if they did burp at all.

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