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Honda Navi VS Honda Dio

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A big chunk of the sales of 100-125cc two wheelers comes from the sale of scooters. While bikes offer style and stability, scooters offer comfort. To offer best of both the worlds, Honda launched the quirky Honda Navi. Based on the Honda Grom from US, this two-wheeler offers design of a small bike and functionality of a scooter. But how does it stack up against the mainstream scooters. To find an answer, we have compared the Navi with Dio, a popular scooter from the same manufacturer.

Design and Styling

The Dio has dependably been an extraordinary looking bike and in this more current frame looks sultrier than any time in recent memory with lines and bends that appear to have been demonstrated by skillful cuts of a Japanese samurai sword. There’s a feeling of strength to it and an aerodynamic wedge like for quite a while.


On the other hand, the unconventional design of Navi has played a huge role in the hype which has lead to overwhelming sales of the Navi. The design is kind of love me or hate me, some would like the unconventional design and for some might simply turn out to be ugly. The single piece tank and side boards in energetic hues, additional long seat covering the fuel tank and a vast gap underneath it rather than the standard motor makes it quirky and unusual from every angle. The headlamp and the instrument cluster are all-new. But the Navi has borrowed other bits like the taillight from the other two wheelers of Honda, and that doesn’t make it look out of place. It’s truly fascinating how distinctive parts of the Honda Navi meets up flawlessly to make something youthful, crisp and alluring.

Features and Ergonomics

In terms of feature the Navi is not unconventional at all, it is poorly equipped instead. It gets telescopic fork suspension in front, and a 12-inch wheel borrowed from the Activa 125. An alloy wheel would have looked better in the Navi. The rear suspension has also been borrowed from other Honda scooters. An analogue instrument console shows speed and kilometers, but a fuel gauge is solely missed. One positive point is that the Navi has conventionally placed fuel filler cap and you don’t need to flip open the seat in order to fill fuel.

Honda has endeavored to raise the style remainder of its new, longer, slimmer and taller Dio by enriching its body parts with different smooth edges. The shrewd front smock brandishes a wide headlamp and clear lens indicators to give the bike a stylish look. The simple speedometer and fuel gage in particular cases give a straightforward, uncluttered feel, while the switches and levers feel better than average to work with. The back brake has a locking clasp that neglects to inspire in operation, yet proves to be useful when stopped on an incline. The handlebar grasps feel great and the start key opening and manual stifle lever remain constants.

Engine and Performance

The Navi is powered by a 4-stroke, 110cc single cylinder motor. The engine is borrowed from the popular Honda Activa scooter, but it produces more power on the Navi. This in addition to the Honda Navi being lighter by a couple of kilos (on account of the all-plastic body boards) makes it a lively ride. Power delivery is instant and linear,  the company is known for its refined motors and the Navi is no exception. Using HET (Honda Eco Technology) the motor feels smooth and cherishes to be chug between 40-50kmph. Be that as it may, bend the throttle and it rushes to pick up speed, making overtaking easy and simple.

The Dio is also powered by a similar 109cc, four-stroke, air-cooled engine which also powers the Activa and Aviator. It produces a peak power value of 8bhp at 7500rpm, 1bhp up on the older model, and 0.88kgm of torque at 5500rpm. The Honda Dio has and is undoubtedly a brilliant scooter in this class of competition. With a top speed of 91km/h and a 0-60km/h run that surfaces in just shy of 9.95 seconds, makes the Dio a decent runner easily.


So if you are confused while choosing a new Motoscoot for you, then these two will be the best in the 110cc category. The Navi is a brilliant scooter but for me the low seat height and cramped seat size is a bit of a turn off, and people with heavier build would find it difficult to tackle. On the other hand the Dio is a very under rated scooter from Honda but has everything what one should look for in a scooter. If you want a scooter for experiencing the fun factor while riding then the Navi is a good choice, but if practicality is the need, the Dio should be your choice.

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