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Reasons to Getting Insurance For Your Luxury Scooter

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Luxury scooters are an increasingly popular mode of transportation. You can use them for both personal and corporate purposes, so many people find themselves in the market for insurance. If you’re considering buying a luxury scooter, here are reasons to get insurance.

Reasons to Getting Insurance For Your Luxury Scooter

Accidents Happen

One reason to get insurance for your luxury scooter is that accidents happen. You might not think you need coverage if you don’t drive much and haven’t had an accident in a while, but it only takes one accident to require expensive repairs or even replacement. Even if you can afford to replace your luxury scooter, you might not be able to do it immediately. That means you would still need insurance to do it for you.

Save Money on Premiums

Doing what you can to get coverage, especially if a company offers great deals for things such as “Insure my Vespa”, can include doing what you can to prove you’re a good driver. Since insurance companies are in business to profit, they’re looking to insure drivers with good records. Thus, if you’ve been driving without an accident for some time or if you’ve taken defensive driver courses, insurance may be more affordable for you.

Depreciation of Value

Another reason to get insurance for your luxury scooter is that it depreciates. If you recently bought a new vehicle, the depreciation of its value will affect all sorts of factors: taxes, interest payments, and even maintenance costs. It’s important to be aware of any significant price drop compared with when you purchased the scooter.


Insuring your luxury scooter helps to protect you from theft. Although an alarm or security Vespa Insurance system may not be enough to prevent a thief from stealing your vehicle, having comprehensive coverage will ensure that you’re reimbursed for your loss.

Personal Injury

Getting insurance coverage for your luxury scooter protects you in the event of personal injury claims. Insurance companies offer liability policies for owners and operators, which means they will pay damages if you are sued due to an accident. Although you might be able to pay damages out of your pocket in some cases, having an insurance policy will ensure that you don’t lose your savings or your luxury scooter if you’re sued.

Although getting a car insurance policy for your luxury scooter is not necessary, it can be an advantage in many instances. If there are drivers with good driving records, such as those who take defensive driver courses and obtain discount policies, quality prices may be less than they seem at first glance. Plus, you’ll get the added benefits of protection against theft and personal injury claims.

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