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Does The Tire Brand Matter When It Comes To Nissan Cars?

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When you are driving a Nissan, you know the vehicle is one that has the latest technology and designs to keep you safe on the road. Yet while many drivers are enthralled by their Nissan vehicle, they may pay little attention to their vehicle’s tires. While Nissan vehicles can have many different brands of tires on them and do very well on the road, a brand can come into play regarding many factors. If you’re wondering just how a brand can make a difference, here are some ways to keep in mind.

Does The Tire Brand Matter When It Comes To Nissan Cars?

Control and Responsiveness

Whether you are driving in a city or down a busy highway, having tires on your Nissan that give you maximum control and responsiveness behind the wheel can mean the difference between avoiding an accident or being involved in a serious crash. Since lesser-quality tires may not perform as well when needed, always go with a tire brand that is designed specifically for great handling.

Winter Driving

Should you live in an area where the roads are covered with snow and ice for many months of the year, the brand will definitely make a difference when it comes to Nissan tires. Since a drop in temperature can also mean a drop in tire pressure, you want tires specifically made for winter driving. To do so, trust tire professionals who know Nissan vehicles since they can recommend tires that have unique tread designs and tires made of specialized rubber compounds that allow them to grip slick roads.

Rugged Terrains

Should you have a Nissan truck or SUV that you like to drive in rugged terrains, the last thing you want to do in such situations is to rely on tires that are not up to the challenge. To ensure a day that starts out fun does not end up with you having a flat tire, consider having flat-run tires installed on your Nissan. When you do, these tires can allow you to continue driving for up to 50 miles at speeds up to 50 mph, even if your tire has suffered a puncture.

Speed and High Performance

Finally, if you love to take your Nissan sports car, such as a 280ZX or other model, out on the open highway and turn the engine loose, it’s crucial you have tires on your car that maximize speed and high performance. Therefore, choose tires that can withstand the heat that comes with speed, and are also able to give you the handling you need for those sharp turns and sudden stops.

By spending a few more dollars on quality tires, your Nissan vehicle can perform at its best under any driving conditions.

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