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7 Additional Safety Features That We Should Have in Our Cars

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Car owners should feel safer when driving when their cars are equipped with proper features. Dozens of safety features can be integrated into our car, ensuring that we feel save when driving to work. There are different tidbits that could include in our car to ensure that we will enjoy enhanced safety features:

  1. Crumple zones: Crumple zones ensure that energy is absorbed through brackets and numerous body panels. Fenders, bumpers and hood are components that are engineered to crumple properly like an accordion. They will take the brunt of the crash, using the abrupt kinetic energy to change the shape of crumple zones, lessening impacts felt by passengers.
  2. Wraparound headlights: These headlights are one-piece designs that integrate turn signals, high beam and low beam. Halogen headlights should be relatively wider and brighter, especially if there are reflective cuts in the chamber. It would be much easier for other drivers to know our intention.
  3. Breakaway motor mounts: These mounts are needed to attach our engine to the car frame. A breakaway could be a life-saving feature that we can use in our cars. During a collision, the engine will break away from the car frame and slide underneath the car at specific angles. This prevents a hot engine from crashing into the passenger cabin.
  4. Steel-belted radials: Tires are one of the most important car components and they could keep our car on the road. Tires could have built-in steel fibers inside the rubber. This ensures that tires can withstand extreme road conditions. Belts also ensure longer life span and it is less likely for tires from bursting.
  5. Ventilated disc brakes: Disc brakes are needed to stop the car. They are constructed from calipers, pads and rotors. Rotors with internal vanes could vent out excess heat and our car will have improved braking performance.
  6. Side impact door beams: Just like crumple zones, these beams could also absorb energy due to side impact collision. For extra reinforcement, steel intrusion beams can be built inside the door. Well protected cars should have these features.
  7. Laminated windshield: Windshield is more than just to keep rain out of our hair or bugs out of our teeth. It shouldn’t become a risk factor during an accident. Laminated windshield is made from two tempered glass pieces that are combined together with a sheet of transparent laminate in between. Not only that the windshield shouldn’t shatter into thousands of sharp objects, it should also able to withstand flying objects and prevent them from entering the passenger cabin during an accident.
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