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Why Choose A Licensed Towing Company Over An Unlicensed Towing Company

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Has your car ever broke down in the middle of nowhere, or gotten damaged from an accident, and needed to get transferred to a different location? Good thing there are towing companies that can act on these kinds of problems. For your other car service needs, towing companies also typically provide services such as tire changes, jump starts and fuel delivery, among others.

Why Choose A Licensed Towing Company Over An Unlicensed Towing Company

For valuable possessions such as your cars and other vehicles, of course you would want these being handled by professionals who will take good care of them. Licensed towing companies are the best way to go. But sometimes people get attracted to hiring unlicensed towing companies for a number of reasons. The main reason is that unlicensed towing companies usually provide their services at a lower price, and that they do not inconvenience their clients by getting them to fill out a ton of paperwork. These may seem attractive on the surface, but the services you get from licensed towing companies more than make up for these.

Licensed Towing Companies Provide Better Quality

Unlicensed towing companies may have lower prices, but that usually means that they also provide a lower quality of service. They are able to slash down their prices as they are not spending the same amount of money as licensed towing companies on training their employees, procuring and maintaining high quality equipment, and getting different kinds of paperwork done for certification. It may seem like you are saving money, but that will not be the case once the less capable employees and faulty equipment of unlicensed towing companies further damage your vehicle.

License and Credibility

For a towing company to have a license means that it is credible and trustworthy. Moreover, this also means that an official decision-making body deemed a particular towing company as fit to be practicing that profession. Licensed towing companies have been certified to provide good quality service because of their competent employees and durable equipment. They are companies that you can trust will do their job correctly.

Accountable and can be relied on

One very helpful advantage that licensed towing companies have over unlicensed ones is that they are usually open 24 hours a day. If ever you encounter some trouble at an odd hour, you can be sure that a licensed towing company will be available to come to your aid, and will quickly respond to you. They are also more capable to handle different kinds of towing jobs like hauling heavy objects, or towing irregular shaped vehicles such as trucks and ATVs.

Moreover, licensed towing companies also provide insurance to their clients. So in the off chance that your vehicle receives further damage because of the towing company itself, they will take care of the added expenses, having in mind their responsibility to their clients to take care of their vehicles. Paperwork like insurance is one thing that unlicensed towing companies bypass in order to make things seem more convenient for the client.

Written by the staff of Tiger Towing in Columbia, MO.

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