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How To Improve The Online Customer Experience

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It’s not enough to simply have an eCommerce site loaded with goods to sell. You need to give customers an online experience they will remember. This goes beyond customer service as you want their time spent to be one that makes a lasting impression. Because of the sheer number of competing sites online, yours needs to be one that is as unique as you can make it.

Site Design

All too often, site owners will stick with a default template to operate the online business. While this isn’t a bad thing, it takes away from a unique perspective. Nearly half of online shoppers will immediately have misconceptions of your business just from the design of your site. In essence, the website is an online representation of your physical business. As such, it needs to be clean and functional. If it’s haphazard and difficult to manage, people will simply move on to the next online store. Think of it this way, you probably wouldn’t walk into a store if it was a mess and hard to find what you were looking for.

Safety and Security

Sites that use secure socket layers are not only more attractive to buyers, but they also score higher in search engines such as Google. This is because they provide a layer of safety and security. Customers have less to fear when purchasing goods online from a business that secures information through this type of encryption.

Providing Communication

Consumers are more likely to buy goods from an online business that is easy to approach. Things like live chat, phone calls and even email responses give customers the communication options they seek. This helps build confidence in your brand while encouraging the shopper to return at a later date. This can also contribute to the shopper sharing your store with his or her friends on social media. It’s the digital version of word-of-mouth advertising that can boost your reputation without additional effort from yourself.

Shipping Materials

The way you ship a product can weigh heavily on whether or not a customer returns. People have faith that you’ll send the products safely and quickly. By taking a few extra moments to secure the package or using materials ideal for transit, you help bolster the customer’s opinion of your online business. Some owners will include “gifts” such as coupons or discount codes for future purchases. If the customer holds your company in high regard, you can almost guarantee he or she will use that code.

Follow-up Email

Sending follow-up email messages to past guests can make them feel important. It also gives you a chance to discover if there is anything your online business can do to improve. Pay close attention to how people respond. It may help enhance your overall practices and boost your business as a whole.

The right online shopping cart software can help you develop a strong eCommerce business. However, there is still much you can do as the owner to improve the customer experience. Take advantage of the tools and abilities you are given through these cart platforms. Set your site aside from the competition and give people a reason to shop at your store.

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