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Top Picks: Semi Truck Must-have Accessories

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When you are on the road for a long trip, you want to have a space that is uniquely yours. Driving a truck is a little like traveling around in a mobile home at times. Get some must-have accessories that will not only make your truck cabin feel a little more like your own space but also make traveling more comfortable and enjoyable.

Seat Covers

Seat covers for semi trucks can help make your ride more comfortable while also preserving the integrity of your seats. Sitting in one spot for hours can get uncomfortable even with the most luxurious seats. The right cover can make it a little easier. Choose one with breathable fabric to keep you back cool or one with plush cushioning.

Additionally, driving a truck for hours every day is a sure way to wear down your seats. Some covers will help protect them and keep them clean. That way you can be perched in a comfortable, well-maintained spot even after hundreds of thousands of miles.

Chrome Fenders

You may not give your truck fenders a second thought. They are mostly practical and help protect you, your truck and other motorists from the dirt and debris kicked up by your wheels. However, you don’t need to settle for boring-looking fenders. Some Iowa 80 semi truck chrome fenders will give you an amazing style accent that looks clean, polished and professional.

Window Shades

The sun beating down on you can make you hot and get in your eyes. Furthermore, if you need to sleep or just relax in your cabin, light getting in through the windows can be annoying. Windows shades for trucks can be a huge help to any truck driver. Better yet, they offer some extra privacy when you park your truck on the side of the road or at a truck stop.

Dash Cam

If you’ve been driving a truck for any amount of time, you probably know how bad some motorists are on the road. The next time someone cuts you off to make an exit they almost missed, be ready with a dashcam. No matter how carefully you drive, trouble can come your way without warning. The footage from a dashcam can also be a fun way to share some of your adventures with friends and family.

Mini Fridge

Your food and drink can get hot sitting in your truck cabin all day. Get a mini-fridge to make sure everything stays cool and refreshing. These range from entry-level models that are similar to the mini-fridges you’d expect to see in a house to large, mounted fridges that are designed to fit specific cabin models. There’s a solution for every budget.

Get Some Accessories

Set your truck up with some great accessories to make you’re next drive a little more enjoyable. Whether you opt for style accents, entertainment products, comfort items or all three, a few accessories can go a long way. Don’t wait to turn your truck into your own little road oasis. Start today and see what you can achieve with a few fun and personal accessories for your truck.

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