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Amazing Benefits of Using Water Softners

2 Mins read

Hard water is the amount of calcium and magnesium in your water supply. This hardness builds up in your pipes and water heater, and forms a white, crusty film on fixtures in bathrooms and kitchens. Water hardness varies depending on what part of the country you live in. Here are the top 3 ways a water softener add value to your life:

Lower Electricity Bills:

Regardless of where you live and how your plumbing is set up, buildup accumulates in the piping system.  Over time, this buildup in your pipes and appliances does not allow your home water to flow as efficiently. As your property’s infrastructure ages, your water pump will progressively work hard in order to push water throughout your house. This takes a toll on your electricity bill. This build up affects your water heater as it will take more time to heat less water. When the annual increase of energy prices is taken into consideration, your yearly disposable income dramatically suffers.

Save You Time & Cleaning Expenses:

When water is softened, much smaller amounts of soap is needed to do the job. Imagine cutting down on all the soap and detergent you use on a daily bases by 80 percent. How much money would you save in a day? Multiply this amount by 365 days, then multiply it again by 10. That would be the amount of money you save in a year. This result will inevitably be in the thousands. It becomes very evident that a water softener can save a family of four plenty throughout a ten-year period. That type of money can be spent on vacations, college funds, or even medical expenses! Furthermore, the amount of scum buildup in your sink, bathroom, and bathtub will decrease dramatically. On top of saving you money, a softener will save you time.

Add Value to Your Home:

A water softener will serve as an upgrade on your home. It can add $5,000 to $10,000 of equity to your home after it’s installed. If you were to ever resell your house in the future, there would be no extra costs to replace worn appliances, corroded pipes and water heaters.

These are just the three basic ways a water softener can add value to your home. So what kind of water softener do you get? Where do you start? For homeowners, the Praz Signature Water Softener will do the job. For a family of four, a minimum of 50 GPM flow rate is needed. The flow rate is how much softened water can dispersed at a given time. Competitor products of the same price range will boast about all the extra technological features, yet will avoid disclosing that their flowrate is significantly less than 50 GPM. At Praz, our water softener systems begin at a flowrate of 58 GPM. When it comes to durability and efficiency, Praz’s softeners are the industry standard.

Want a Water Softener in your home? Call us today to get a free estimate.

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