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Top 5 Alternatives To Hero Duet Scooter

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Hero has always been an undoubted leader in the two-wheeler segment in the country for many years now. From bikes to automatic scooters, Hero has been selling its top two-wheelers like hot cakes in the market. Its latest offering to the gearless scooter segment in the country is the Hero Duet. The Hero Duet is powered by an 111cc engine which is able to provide it with a top speed of 77kmph. You can read more about the scooter in Hero Duet review available on the internet.

Top 5 Alternatives To Hero Duet Scooter

However, the competition in the 110cc segment is such fierce that the competition is slowly catching upto Hero. Here are the best alternatives to the Hero Duet Scooter available in the market today.

Suzuki Access 125

The company leading the charge against Hero is Suzuki with its Access 125 range of automatic scooters. Unlike the 111cc engine on Duet, the Access is equipped with a powerful 124.6cc. This scooter is designed in a stylish and elegant way to make it appealing to the youngsters. The engine is able to generate 8.5 BHP of power and 9.8 Nm of torque. This scooter is available in the country in four very glossy color options at a price range of around Rs 56,000 on-road.

Honda Activa 125

The Honda Activa 125 is among the most popular and best-selling automatic scooters in the country presently. It is backed by a powerful 4-stroke 124.9cc engine with a fuel tank capacity of 5.3 Liters. The scooter uses the Honda Eco Technology (HET) which helps to improve the overall mileage and engine performance of the scooter. It is also fitted with front disc brakes and tubeless tires for added grip and safety. The Activa 125 is available in India with an on-road price of Rs 57,000 in four different colors.

Yamaha Fascino

Yamaha provides the rider with extreme elegance and beauty with its latest offering, the Fascino.The 113cc Fascino is able to provide the riders with smooth and comfortable riding experience and a fuel mileage of around 55kmpl. It uses the Blue Core Technology from Yamaha to improve the acceleration of the scooter and provide a better fuel efficiency. Available in the country for on an on-road price tag of approx. Rs 52,000, the Fascino’s curvy design is able to flow smoothly right from the apron to the foot space and to the back end of the scooter.

TVS Wego

The lightweight TVS Wego might just be a newcomer to the automatic scooter segment in India but it is still able to make a name for itself in this very competitive segment. The Wego is backed by a 110 cc engine-battery and is equipped with 12-inch tubeless tires for better road grip. The instrument console on the scooter is fully digital which is very rare in this segment. Wego also provides the rider with 16 Liters of storage space under the seat and a mobile charging socket. The scooter is available currently for an approx. price of Rs 51,000 in the country.

Honda Aviator

The Honda Aviator provides the customers in the two-wheeler segment with another attractive and classy option. Available for an on-road price tag of Rs 50,000 approx., the Aviator is equipped by a battery-powered 110cc HET engine. This scooter is able to deliver a mileage of 53kmpl, a peak power output of 8 BHP and maximum torque of 8.77 Nm. It also features a V-matic transmission and provides the option of kick or self start to the rider.

The Last Words

The Hero Duet might be one of the leading automatic scooters in the country currently but there is no doubt that the others are slowly but surely catching the Duet at the top of the segment. To know more about the Hero Duet and why it is leading this segment, have a look at Hero Duet review.

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