Top 10 Myths Related To Losing Weight

Weight loss is a much talked about topic and one can find loads of information on how to lose weight. However, as there are many facts related to losing weight, so there are many myths related to weight loss. It is essential to understand what is good for the body before setting out to lose weight. Here are the top ten myths related to losing weight:

10. Fad Dieting is the best way to Lose Weight

It is a myth that fad dieting is the best way to lose weight as the weight lost initially comes back once the individual goes off the diet. Although one may experience weight loss with fad dieting but the diet cannot be pursued for long as one has to be off various food products. In addition, fad dieting is not beneficial in the sense that it is not healthy to devoid the body of certain essential nutrients. Moreover, the risk of the formation of gallstones increases with rapid weight loss.