Top 10 Myths Related To Losing Weight

9. Eat anything and then Workout

It is a myth that exercising only can lead to weight loss no matter what the intake is. Often people are under the impression that irrespective of what they eat and how much they eat, working out can lead to weight loss. This can be gauged from the fact that an hour spent on the treadmill leads to about 450 calories burnt. But does one consume only 450 calories a day? No, we consume far more than that. Therefore, eating healthy is the best way to remain fit and healthy.

8. Avoid Starch and Fat in your Diet

Fats and starch are said to be weight gain culprits and therefore, as per the myth they must be avoided totally if one wants to lose weight. However, fats and starch are important nutrients that are essential for the body to give it fullness and energy, respectively. Eliminating them from the diet means keeping the body devoid of these nutrients. Instead a better way is to limit the portion size of fats and starch.