Top 10 Myths Related To Losing Weight

3. Nuts add to the Weight

It is a myth to assume that one should avoid nuts when on a weight loss regime. It is a fact that excess of anything is bad and that applies to nuts as well. However, consuming nuts in moderate quantities can be actually beneficial as they are rich in mono-saturated and polyunsaturated fats. They have the ability to lower the risk of heart disease, cholesterol and even aid in weight loss. They complete a weight loss diet and should be a part of the diet and not be avoided.

2. Weight Training would make you Bulk up

It is a myth to assume that undergoing weight training would bulk you up. Instead weight training is considered a good weight loss technique as it increases the metabolism of the body thereby forcing it to burn calories even while resting. Therefore, lifting weights does not bulk you up but helps in losing weight, effectively.