Top 10 Natural Disasters of 2011

Ever since the beginning, our Earth is undergoing several changes in the weather conditions. These changes when become extreme, creates disaster. Disaster brings large devastation and ruins the lives of several people. Though it cannot be controlled completely but there is possibility to avoid or prevent it. Every year disaster occurs in some or the other part of the world due to abrupt natural changes. Hence in 2011 too, the world experienced droughts, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes and typhoons. Here are the world’s top ten natural disasters that occurred in the year 2011.

1. Pakistan Floods

The Sindh floods started during the monsoon season in August 2011, causing heavy rains in southern Punjab and Sindh. The floods resulted in considerable damage, killing approximately 434 civilians and affected several people’s homes. Also known as the ‘breadbasket of the country’, the fertile land of Sindh was inundated due to flooding and destroyed 2.3 million acres of crops. Causing huge devastation to the entire country, Pakistan floods lie on the tenth place.