Top 10 Myths Related To Losing Weight

7. Meat is essential to Gain Proteins

It is a myth that vegetarians cannot build muscles as their protein intake is low. It is true that the protein intake by those who eat meat is more than those who do not. But this certainly does not mean that vegetarians cannot build muscles. Vegetarians wishing to build muscles can increase the protein content in the body by combining the proteins with carbohydrates.

6. It is Good to Skip Meals

Many people wishing to lose weight believe that skipping meals is a good option to lose weight. Instead as per the studies conducted, it has been revealed that skipping meals is not wise as it makes you feel hungrier. Skipping meals also leads to the slowing of the body’s metabolism which is not good as execution of important bodily functions too slow down. The body in its effort to conserve energy goes into “starvation mode” further slowing the metabolism which leads to increased storage of calories as fat. Thus, a person instead of losing weight starts gaining weight.