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Things We Should Know About Car Waxing

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Many people are wondering how they should car for the paint of their cars. There are a number of reasons why we should value the paint of our car. Other for decorative purposes, this could also help to improve the resale values of our cars. Regularly waxing our car can be a rather tedious activity and here are things that we should consider.‘

  • Wax clockwise and buff counterclockwise: This is a basic waxing technique that is implemented by many people. Hard wax blends could give us excellent results by using this technique, although new products may not be too affected. We should be able to save ourselves a bit of arm soreness by knowing how to wax and buff our car. This could be an awkward thing to do, but we could do it with both hands. Try to wax with our left hand and buff with right hand, because we could better remove the wax with the dominant hand. Left-handed people would need to do things reversely.
  • Don’t trust all advertising messages. We could be led to believe that a wax product is amazing that it could repel dust with static charge or even deflect laser, as shown by special effects in TV commercials. We should know that these products are essentially only ordinary waxes. They won’t be able to withstand the normal abuse of weather. As an example, wax won’t last too long in a very cold weather or in humid conditions. In general, we should re-wax the car after one month. Hot sunlit days alternating with rainy days could eradicate the protection of car quickly. People who have a love affair with their car could wax it once a week as part of the relaxing weekend ritual. This won’t give our car extra protection and we may only waste some good wax. Only re-wax the car when it’s necessary.
  • Know the difference between wax and polish. It can be difficult to know the difference between the two. In fact, some sellers simply mislabel them, adding confusion among customers. In general, polish is more like a fine sandpaper to clean the car surface, while wax is just a thin film of oil on top of the car paint. A good combination between polishing and waxing could give our car the coveted showroom shine. Polish evens out the tiny imperfections of the car and it even grinds down rougher top layer of the paint to produce a physically smooth surface. Waxing is simply a sealant. It could fill in tiny imperfections, but doesn’t actually smoothen the surface of the car.
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