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Enjoy the Exciting Life of Dubai by Sailing on Dhow Cruise

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If you are considering enjoying a few days of your holidays by the shores of Dubai, then book your tickets in an exclusive cruise sailing from the shores of this stunning city. To have an mouthwatering barbeque dinner under the star lit night softly brushed by cool sea breeze is an experience to be cherished all your life.

How to have affordable cruise in the awesome city?

To enjoy day and nights while sailing in luxurious boats is surely affordable if you follow a few careful steps. When you are planning a trip to Dubai, you need to make sure that you book the seats for a cruise in luxury yacht from five star cruising companies like dhow cruise dubai as soon as you get your flight tickets and visa ready. You could also look for vacation packages that come along with cruise.

The benefit of booking Dhow Cruise well in advance is that there are no last minute disappointments, rush and savings. Once you are on your cruise, you get to visit world highest skyscrapers from the inside, experience the ancient Arabic life through museums and spend a day in heritage village introducing old houses, monuments like watch towers and well famed mosques.

This modern city is quite famous for its splendid hospitality and generosity. Hence, the city comes alive every night with the sparkling luxurious and gorgeous hotels. All kinds of hotels have spacious suites displaying all the modern facilities essential to enjoy comfortable and luxurious stay in Dubai.

Other features of the awesome never sleeping city are as follows:

  • Delicacies: Dubai is the best place to enjoy the best cuisines in the world. You find different kinds of dishes cooked by skilled chefs exclusively appointed from various part of the globe. You could also try out roadside Arabian deserts and foodies. It is believed that they are delicious.
  • Shopping paradise: This land of sand offers you designer goodies to well styled handicrafts sold in bargain shops on the streets as well as in ultra modern malls. There are old street shops along with malls having all kind of goods to fulfill your shopping thirst. The mall caters to your every comfort from sites for kids to enjoy playing sports and games to food courts for regenerating your energy spent while shopping in the multi storey shopping malls.
  • Walkways: The sight which makes Dubai different from other touring cities of the world is its wayside gardens. The beautifully designed gardens wrapping the landscape of skyscrapers and artificial islands are really worth visiting during your stay in this desert city. The fountains of Dubai portray the spectacular sight designed by world famous landscape architects to give the visitors an awesome feeling of being in a paradise.
  • Skyscrapers: Dubai’s world famous skyscrapers are the best touring sight visited every year by millions of tourists and locals. It feels like you are watching the earth from the sky.

Dubai known by various names is a interesting place to visit at least once in your lifetime. On your visit, if you do not go on  Dhow Cruise Dubai, then your vacation is incomplete.

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