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The Wardrobe Essentials For A Man

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There are many items that a man needs to have in his wardrobe. There are probably many that you already have as well. Although there will be a few things that you might not have on this lift. These wardrobe essentials are the type of items you look at if you are stuck with an outfit. Here are some of the best items that every man should have in 2021.

White T-Shirt

We would be amazed if you didn’t have a select few of these already. It is one of the most important items to have. Not to mention that white goes with anything. Additionally, it is a great item to go underneath a bomber jacket or even an overshirt.

There are a couple of styles that you can wear when it comes to a t-shirt. Printed white t-shirts are popular these days. You can also choose a plain white t-shirt. It just depends on what you want people to focus their eyes on. A white t-shirt can go with both black and blue jeans. So, you do not need to worry about the colour of your jeans. They even go with a pair of grey or blue pants. The only issue you’ll have with a white t-shirt is keeping it clean. If you want to be eco-friendly, there are many sustainable brands to choose from for white t-shirts. 

Black Shoes

If you work in an office, you probably have a pair of black derby shoes already. They are an easy go-to piece for any formal event. Black shoes also go with many more colours than your usual brown shoes do. Whether it is a blue suit, red suit or a grey suit, a pair of black shoes is a must-buy for the wardrobe. Just remember to polish them before you go out. Nobody likes dirty shoes.  


The overshirt is another item that everybody needs for their wardrobe. It is that time of year when the temperature drops massively at night. There are a couple of styles that you can go with an overshirt as well. A plain black or blue overshirt with buttons is the go-to now. However, there are many overshirts out there that decide to have zips instead. A blue denim shirt with a fur hood could also be another option. It just depends on what you prefer. 

Dark Denim Jeans

We all need a few pairs of jeans. Some colours are easier to match with other colours. Dark blue or black jeans are the easiest to choose. All the clothes that we have discussed so far will go perfectly with a pair of black jeans. Dark jeans are a simple item to choose from when it comes to certain outings. Many offices these days will have a dress code of smart-casual. This will ten to be a shirt of some sort with a pair of jeans. Then a pair of shoes to complete the rest of the outfit. The jeans can also be worn casually and anywhere other than events that require a suit. 

White Trainers

White trainers are the must-have pair of footwear that you need for the wardrobe. Again, another great item that matches well with the rest of the clothes. White trainers are good all year round as well. They can be worn with a pair of jeans and a pair of shorts. A good pair of white trainers also goes well with a mens full tracksuit, another great reason to have a pair. 

The only issue that you are going to have with white trainers is the fact that they are hard to keep clean. Luckily enough for you, there are many brands out there that will sell a spray to keep them clean. If in doubt, you could always put them in the washing machines. Just make sure that the temperature isn’t too high and they are wrapped up inside a towel. 

Both Brown and Black Belts

The reason why you have both of these colours is that a brown belt can complement other clothes. For example, for a pair of blue pants or grey pants, you should choose a brown belt. It just gives the outfit something a little bit extra. If you are wearing black denim jeans or pants then keep it simple with a black belt. If you are wearing denim jeans, no matter the colour, always go for your black belt. That way, you are covering all bases. 


Honestly, this is a highly underrated accessory. There are many watches out there that are a great addition to your outfit. Another thing to mention is that a watch can come in a variety of different styles. This is why you have more than one watch. Go for a leather or fabric strap for your casual outfits. Then, for your dressier occasions, you will want to wear a metal watch. Just to give you more of a James Bond look. 


Now those items will be considered very basic and, yes, they are. However, they are also the perfect backup items for casual events. Everyone might have a white t-shirt but do they have a graphic/ printed tee? Make sure you have a variety of different clothing products and accessories. Neutral colours will always be the best choice to make for clothing.

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