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Advantages Of Choosing A Development Agency Within Your City

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Here’s a comparison between choosing a development agency within your city and out of it.

So, you’re thinking about having a website designed for you business. Kudos to you mate, means business is going well. Or maybe you just started out and want to have a killer web presence from the get-go. Or maybe, your business relies a hundred percent on the internet, and your website’s going to be the only commercial front for the public to see. You get the point, right? I’m trying to get any and every person may that be the owner of an established business, a startup, a digital startup, and all in the spectrum to be added to the conversation here. Because the points I’m going to make regarding web design in Sydney should make sense for each and every one of you, at least that’s what I’m going to attempt.

Let’s start with standard advantages and disadvantages, then we can continue to compare the pros and cons of options for the different situations mentioned above.

Why go with a web design agency in your city?

An agency might be offering you much more competitive rates than you could find in your whole city. They offer the same services. It’s not exactly the same quality as the ones you find in your own city, but it’s nothing too bad. You think to yourself then, why not?

Well, let’s answer that question of yours.

  • Communication
  • Compatibility
  • Support


Inadequacies of other forms of communication

One may argue communication is not an issue in today’s world of Zoom, Microsoft teams, and Skype video conferences. Then why do CEOs all around the world fly across countries using private jets for 3–4 hour meetings. Yep, you guessed it. Video conferencing isn’t nearly as comprehensive as sitting face to face with the project manager and communicate freely. When you’re on a video conference, you can’t communicate the way you do in person i.e. the way that you’re most comfortable and communicate most effectively in.

Unreliable message delivery

And the same goes on at the other end. They want to pickup the most information in the least amount of time. While these words may suggest that a video conference is more straight to the point, as that’s a good thing. But it’s not. If it were, that’d be the way we communicate in our daily lives. But we don’t.

Other aspects of communication

That’s because reading body language, micro expressions, tone and all such underlying aspects of a conversation makes us understand one other more effectively. And when you’re talking to a web agency, you want them to know the feelings you have for the business, what you want your clients to feel when they visit your website, the backstory, the journey, everything. And when someone sits across the table to you, they see where your emotions are heightened where they are lowered.


All these small details will add up to have a huge effect on the delivered project. The more your web design agency of choice knows you personally, the better they can understand what you really want.


Consider you’re looking for a web design agency in Sydney. You search on google for web design Sydney, Australia. A bunch of web design agencies based in Sydney pop up on the SERP. Now you can check by searching for web design Sydney Australia on Google right now, one thing you can notice is almost all of them have the same open and close times, same holidays, and same number of hours.

That’s common sense, right? Yeah, you’re right, it is.

And as per our analogy, if your business is operating in Sydney these times should also be consistent with your business hours. Again, correct.

Now any one of the agencies that showed up when you were looking for a web design agency to hire for your project, i.e. when you searched for web design agencies Sydney, Australia, if you choose any of them your office will open at roughly the same time when they start their operations. They have breaks the same time you do.

The real advantage

This is a guarantee that you can get hold of them at any time you want during those business hours. You don’t have a lunch break and then wait for their lunch break to over to get an update on the web design project.

Hypothetical scenario

Now imagine the scenario, where your business is operating in Sydney and you’re actively looking for a web design agency. You find one, the rates are competitive, their work check out, you like what you see. You hire that web design agency to start working on your project right from Monday. Monday comes, work starts, Monday ends, work ends. Interestingly Tuesday comes but work doesn’t start. You call to find out there’s a workers strike going on in that city and there’s nothing much that can be done about it. Your work is now on hold because of an unexpected event that wouldn’t even concern you. But now that event is now going to affect your whole work week. Things start to fall off schedule, you have unused resources. Well a smart person would say, an unexpected event is an unexpected event, it could happen in any city any time. And that’s correct, had it occurred in your city while you were working with an agency based in your city, your work would still have been disturbed. But all work would have halted, not some, your whole schedule would have been extended, so there would be a delay but things would still be uniform. And you wouldn’t need to explain your employees, partners, or clients either.


Being based in the same geographical location, your work hours are synchronized and your delays are synchronized as well. 


This is a fairly easy one to grasp. And it’s based on the points mentioned above. You gave your project to a design agency outside your region, and going through all the hardships of outsourcing to another region, you got the project. You got your beautiful and functioning website.

Time to market it. Now you don’t have a choice because the best social media marketing agency you know of isn’t in your city. This time you want to go out of region to get better quality not price. So you choose that agency, you start working on a project and all of a sudden there’s a bug found in your website that needs debugging.

Now my friend, you have to operate in not 1, not 2, but 3 regions, maintaining clear communication and providing both sides with support all the while taking support from them. Now you’re running a business of your own and your business has to act as a mediator between 2 additional businesses.


Just for the fun of it, imagine the workers strike again. That’s pretty much it.

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