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What Makes Watches Desirable in This Day and Age?

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Thinking back to one’s childhood days might remind them that receiving a watch as a gift was like an honour, since it was gifted only to symbolise milestones or achievements. It mostly formed a coming-of-age gift or a reward when a parent was satisfied with one’s performance. In essence, it held quite a respectful position in one’s life and was quite precious a commodity.

The picture painted today is rather different, with almost everyone owning a collection of watches in the family, even young children. In fact, watches for younger children are marketed to them with colours and features to specifically catch their attention. 

The advent of the smart watch has somewhat weakened the position of the classic timepiece, and brands have to constantly reinvent and innovate with their products to set them apart and help them appeal to buyers. One such selling point that watches will never stop providing is the class and elegance that they add as an accessory to every outfit. This means that the hundreds of features that a smart watch can provide cannot outweigh the style and personality embodied by a rustic timepiece.

To keep up, brands are diversifying their collections and adding newer styles that can be marketed to different groups of people, such as businessmen, sportsmen, teenagers, travellers and many more. Formal and casual watches are also becoming a concept, and instead of using one watch for every occasion, there are different kinds of watches one can rely on in different settings. 

For example, this watch from the Helix collection of Timex aces up the digital watch game with a large display, vibrant colours and premium silicone attachments. It embodies youth and energy with its features and looks. It is a great choice marketed towards teens and young adults and you can now buy branded watches online India from the comfort of your home. 

Social media is playing a role in this regard, and marketing watches as a fashion and style statement to the newer generation of ‘influencers’ who are particular about grooming oneself. 

Another important place where watches maintain their dignity is the category of gifts. Nothing can beat a watch as a wedding, anniversary or birthday present due to the sheer pricelessness that a timepiece can exude.

There could not be a better wedding gift among the array of latest ladies’ watches than this classic piece from Timex that offers round-the-clock glamour. With a unique and intricate design, the watch is truly a stunner that can captivate and add that touch of style to any outfit. 

What makes a watch desirable may be a question answered differently by different people, but one thing is for sure- they will remain in vogue for many years to come for one reason or another.

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