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Top Sustainable Mens Clothing Brands 2021

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Global warming isn’t coming, it’s already happening before our eyes. With the countless amounts of fires, hurricanes, floods and everything else in between it is no wonder that so many people are making more conscious decisions for a greener lifestyle. Whether that is going plastic-free, eating less meat or using more sustainable clothing brands. More people are now searching online for the next best sustainable brand to hit the stores and it is getting much easier to source these products with them using keywords like ‘biodegradable’, ‘sustainable’ and ‘organic cotton’. 

The days when you had to wear awful fittings and uncomfortable materials just to be more sustainable are out of the window now. Many brands are now creating long-lasting clothes that look great. Obviously, the most sustainable way of getting new clothes is through vintage shopping, but this isn’t to everyone’s taste. With the lockdown ending, more people are now needing some fresh clothes to see their friends and family. In this article, we will go through some of the top sustainable clothing brands on the market, so get out of your men’s twin set and start browsing these brands which will last you much longer than the fast-fashion alternative.

AG Jeans

AG Jeans are continuing to strive on coming up with new methods within the production line so the brand becomes more sustainable and ethical each year. They are not thinking short term as their goals are for the future of the company and the planet. AG Jeans are now joining the bigger picture by joining the ‘AGOODKARMA’ project which calls for more social help. The project has introduced a range of different things since its start such as providing a water recycling system with other social organisations like ‘Heal The Bay’ to make more ethical and sustainable contributions. 

Brand Origin: United States

Key Facts: Water and heat recycling system | Environmentally friendly laser technology | Innovative ozone tech | Use of solar energy | Social commitments.  

NOAH Clothing

Noah Clothing is a sustainable fashion brand for men. They don’t just care about how sustainable they are, but they care about social responsibility also. The American brand stands up for what is right and tackles the disgusting conditions that some factories put their workers through in the fashion industry. They do this by carefully choosing the countries and factories by their tradition, expertise and the way they treat their workers. 

NOAH addresses social issues important to the brand publicly and gives a voice to people who support and represent environmentally friendly positions. The brand itself stands for a combination of sustainable views whilst being as ethical as possible. Their styles are in line with the skate and surf community offering a range of different casual and classic fashion styles. 

Brand Origin: United States

Key Facts: Carefully selected factories | Traditional craftsmanship | Partnership with 1% for the planet | Social responsibility.


Asket has been around for a few years now and they are obviously opposed to the unsustainable production methods of fast fashion. They offer high transparency with all of their clothes which you can track as well as offering timeless styles and designs that don’t lose their quality after a few washes. Their customers can track the whole supply chain and how much it costs to create the clothing. What is unique about Asket is that they provide an additional service that supports the preservation of their garments where they offer care, repair and revive programs so it closes the final chapter of the cycle.

Brand Origin: Sweden

Key Facts: High transparency | Offer repair and recycle scheme.


One of the biggest issues for the environment is, of course, our oceans. Ecoalf is doing its utmost to protect the ocean by using recycled materials. Every week the team at Ecoalf will go out and pick the debris and waste from pockets of water from various spaces as part of their ‘Ecoalf Foundation’ which is also associated with ‘Upcycling the Oceans Project’. They make abundantly clear the true facts going on with the ocean to their customers and introduce them to the world of responsible consumption. Due to this, Ecoalf are now B CORP™ certified which makes them the first Spanish brand to get this reward.

Brand Origin: Spain

Key Facts: B CORP Certified | Use recycled materials | Upcycle marine waste | Co-operate with ‘HAP’ (Humanitarian Accountability Partnership)


Most people already know who Patagonia are, as they are well established. They mostly manufacture outdoor clothing for a wide range of different activities and weathers. More men are opting for more active apparel and are combining it into their everyday fashion. Whilst also being extremely casual, the factor that draws the most attention is the fact that they push their sustainable awareness to their customers. They use a range of innovative and environmentally friendly techniques and materials so it doesn’t harm the planet such as using organic cotton and recycled polyester. They also care about their workers so they provide safe and fair working environments. 

Brand Origin: United States

Key Facts: Natural & Recycled Materials | Fair Trade | Transparent Supply Chain


Everlane has quite literally travelled all across the world so that they can find the perfect suppliers and factories so that they can build close relationships with them. This helps to provide fair wages and working conditions for their workers whilst also being green with their manufacturing processes. They use extremely high-quality materials which last from generation to generation. Their whole process is based on transparency so that customers can check the factories, supply chains and even the cost of the products.

Brand Origin: United States

Key Facts: Relationship with employees | Fair Wages | Good working conditions | Quality Materials | Transparent.

Sustainable fashion brands are now becoming much easier to find. They are also becoming much more transparent with their production lines so it is up to the customer who they prefer to use. Obviously, there are many brands who just put the sustainable logo on their brand but it’s up to the customer to evaluate this.  

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