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The Different Kinds Of Car Batteries

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Your car battery is the source of electricity when your car is off. When you turn the ignition, it is your battery that sends the spark to start your car. Once the engine is running, your car runs on the alternator. The alternator turns the mechanical energy of your engine into electrical energy using magnets and wires, it also charges the battery while your engine runs. If your alternator malfunctions, your car will run on the power of the battery until the battery dies. If the battery is dead, the car will not even start. That’s why it’s so important to keep a good battery in your car. There are different kinds of car batteries that are right for different situations. The differences fall into categories of size and differences of purpose. The size considerations generally depend on what type of vehicle you are buying a battery for. The differences of purpose are related to your own driving habits. Here is a brief rundown of the differences.

Differences of Size

Batteries are classified based on their physical dimensions as well as their electrical output. They fall into several different categories that are appropriate for certain vehicles. Some vehicles have very narrow battery compartments, and you must find the type of battery that fits perfectly. Others are more forgiving of different sizes of battery. Similarly, smaller engines are more forgiving of different energy outputs. A lower energy battery will likely still start a four-cylinder engine, and while it might not start as vigorously, the engine will eventually turn over. A larger engine, however, might be unmoved by a battery that is insufficiently powerful. If you are looking for a new battery, it is important to get the right car battery for your car. It’s especially important if you have a tight battery compartment, or if you have a large vehicle. The best way to find the right battery is to search on the website of a reliable battery supplier. They will offer you a wide range of batteries that are right for your year, make, and model. Searching on the website of the battery supplier is helpful because you don’t spend your time pricing and considering batteries that are not in stock.

Differences of Purpose

Once you’ve determined the proper size battery for your vehicle, you’ll also have to consider the differences of purpose. These typically revolve around how frequently you will engage the battery. If you are someone who will listen to music with your engine off, run the fan with the engine off, and so on, you will need a battery with a higher capacity. You need a lot of energy to run all of the functions without the aid of the engine. That is one type of battery that you might find.

Alternately, if you do not plan to run the battery very often, you might need a deep cycle battery. These batteries are those that are designed to keep a reserve of electricity, even if they have not been in use for a while. As with everything, batteries tend to lose their power over time. If you don’t engage them, they could go dead. A deep cycle battery resists this trend.

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