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Latest Trends in the World of Photo Booth from Across the World

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With the holiday season just around the corner, all of us realize what this means: the New Year is nearer than we think. It is time to embrace new trends in everything around us with every New Year. Same is true with the world of photobooths. The following details are for people who are precisely planning a party and are in a search for new photobooth trends from all around the world to make their event memorable.

Leaf Blower Experience

What is it all about? This requires the person to set-up a photo booth (obviously!). The next step involves a leaf blower which is faced at the people present in the photo booth. The camera in the photo booth will do the rest. Not only the resultant static pictures will be unbelievably awesome, but the GIF’s will also be something out of this world! You can choose this experience regardless of the nature of your occasion. This is because nobody ever said no to a shot of awesomeness from tussling up their hair.

This experience is guaranteed to be a hit in the photo booth industry after the New Year. People eager to a have a booth set-up in the coming year have their booking started for the props necessary for this leaf blower scene.

Projector Booth

Photobooth is fun no matter what sort of backdrop or the props people use. However, instead of a cool static background that remains same throughout your series of your images, why not be the backdrop yourself? Although it sounds funny, this idea regarding a photobooth involves the projection of unique images onto the people present in the photo booth, and the result is some super cool images that will take the photo booth experience to a whole another level.

To make this work, you can send a video that you need to project beforehand to the Photo Booth Company Birmingham, or if someone likes DIY projects, they can send in your unique artwork for that distinct touch to your photo booth.

Headshot Photobooth

Concerning the corporate conferences and events, this is the greatest sort of photo booth you can resort to. As far as the headshots are concerned, what better way of getting the job done than through a photo booth.  What role does this play in a corporate event? People are taken away from the pressure of corporate headshots and can get quality headshots communicating their personality while being natural.

Not only it is achievable for the employees in the corporate setting, but it also serves as a reasonable option for the companies who have to pay for the headshots at certain higher costs than what they can get from photobooths.

Set Design

For people who like things with extra craziness, backdrops and silly moustache and props containing lip images are not enough — some like things to be spiced up by a whole set. For example, if you need a custom set recreated with the vision of Molly Ringwald’s classic room from Pretty in Pink, you need to ask your Photo Booth Company Birmingham to transform the backdrop, floor as well the add a black and white checkered cling. You would also need some themed décor and an ugly floor lamp. The result will be a fabulous set people will brag about for years.

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