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The Memewars Gameplay

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Find Out the complete overview of the Memewars Gameplay

In MemeWars, participants can stake, defend, and attack opposing staking pools strategically. With no off-chain logic, MemeWars provides an interesting, cutting-edge blockchain game. Decentralized and permissionless, the game is the first-of-its-kind crypto game that will function independently after its debut, requiring no support from the dev team (although improvements can be made). In contrast to the majority of the ¬†GameFi projects now on the market, which requires continuing dev team assistance and certain off-chain logic to work, this new sort of “decentralised gaming” is different.

Only the $MWAR token is accepted as money on MemeWars, constructed on the Binance Smart Chain. MemeWars is a new GameFi idea known as “Burn-to-Earn” that forces players to stake and burn tokens to participate in the game.

Pepe Clan, Shiba Army, and Wojak Union are the three “nations” in the game, referred to as “clans.” The MemeWars map depicts the location of each nation.

A user’s coins will be staked, and they will be awarded ownership and voting rights in the nation of their choice. As a nation’s or pool’s ownership increases, so does the prize.

To further customise their “stake weight,” Stakers can choose between three options: Defense, Attack, and Production (the most common three options).

Higher attack points allow the nation to “loot” more of the opponent nation’s MWAR stockpiles in an offensive attack.

The higher a nation’s defense points are, the more protected its MWAR is. This nation coins more MWAR as a result of having a higher production point total.

What the nation allocates to these three sub-pools will determine how it performs in times of peace, defense, and offensive conflicts, respectively (Each cycle is 3 days).

In MemeWars, even if participants invest once, they will be able to keep their stakes in the team of their choice for the rest of their lives. Players will also cast their ballots and get a share of the team’s income for the rest of their lives.

Players can stake in various teams and re-stake in the same club as many times as they wish. The only restriction is the day of the cycle that a player is allowed to stake.

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