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Luxury Resorts: Haven in the Hills

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It is not a surprise that we are all sick and tired of the pollution and the increasing population in the big cities. We are constantly looking for ways to relax ourselves and enjoy the little time we get off work on the weekends. No wonder weekends have become so important to us!

This is the reason why hill stations have gained immensely in value and demand. More and more people are planning weekend getaways to these bundles of fresh air and sunshine. This demand has also led to a rise in the number of luxury cottages in Nainital, the likes of Himalaica, and other hill stations. It is not only a great business idea to convert property into homestays and luxury resorts, but also highly appreciated by the people of the big cities, coming for peace and comfort to these properties.

Here are five things these luxury cottages offer to their guests:


  • Easy access

No longer do you need to conduct a tour to your destination before actually booking one for your precious holiday. These homestays often have a website of their own or a part of other platforms to hunt for the best property. The managers or owners of these properties are easily available and can be consulted for any questions or queries.

  • Peace

The most important and valued thing in today’s generation is peace. It is not easy to find and even more difficult to maintain. Peace is the one thing that these properties in the hills have in abundance. Since they are usually located in the lap of nature, they offer solitude and comfort to the guests, along with time to relax and spend with their own selves.   

  • Scenic beauty

Hill stations, like Nainital and Himachal Pradesh, are known for their picturesque beauty. One can see nature at its best from these locations. This is the reason why these cottages are becoming more and more popular with every passing day. After all, who doesn’t want to sip tea with the view of snow-capped mountains as their company?  

  • Affordability

The best part about the hills is that they promote healthy and simple living. This is the reason why a trip to the hills cannot possibly be extravagant. The homestays and luxury cottages, too, are more affordable, when compared to the resorts back in the plains.  

  • Other activities

One can do many things in the hills. From trekking, hiking, fishing, paragliding, bonfire to zip lining, one can have a field day in a hill station. Whether you are outdoorsy or like sitting inside your home, with a book in your hand, you can find something to do. Even if you love picnics and are fascinated with the idea of conversations over bread and wine in a nice lush grassland, you can find it here. Plus, who doesn’t like spending time with their loved ones in a beautiful and undisturbed surrounding?  

Hence, it is time you utilize all the long weekends in the year and plan a trip to the hills every two months. It is much needed in today’s times when stress and pollution are eating us alive. Away from the smoke, smog and the noise of people around, the hills can be a sweet escape for our bodies and minds. And these resorts are made in the exact way that can make you feel more alive and tranquil in life.

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