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Know About The Nigerian Music Artists Living In Opulence

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Nigerian music has gained a lot of popularity and Nigerian musicians appear in the list of top 10 rich musicians in Africa. They all are living their dreams and a lavish lifestyle in their country as well as other countries. A few successful and popular artists living in luxury are –

Know About The Nigerian Music Artists Living In Opulence


D’BANJ stands for Dapo oyebanjo. It is quantified in dollars and pounds. He has always been giving hits after hits and is soaring high in popularity. D’banj is also known as ‘koko master’. He is not only a musician, who has earned by selling his album CD’s, but he has also invested a huge amount in other fields. His other named investments are ‘Koko bar, Koko mobile, Koko garri, etc. His foundation is also currently working for the less fortunate by charitable initiatives.


He started as a household in Africa, but went far beyond as he went solo. He is a pop star lovingly called tubaba or tuface.  He has loads of awards that distinguish him from the other music artists. He has also heavily invested in real estate sector because he thinks that it is an industry where business can never fail. He is the one, who travels in the art cars.

Banky W

He is also known as Mr. capable. He is an expert in RnB music genre and smiles to the banks due to his efforts. His investments are not much known, but he is rich to offer scholarships to brilliant and needy students. He is an automobile lover, face of Samsung in African countries and also a trustee of ‘light up Nigeria’.


This guy is a celebrity Youngman and does not need introduction. He is a wizkid while his name is Ayo balogun. He has a huge fan following internationally as well as locally. He enjoys like a prince and he has gained many awards for his hard work.

Don Jazzy

He is a multitasked, a musician, a producer and an entrepreneur as well. Don jazzy is named Michael ajere. He also deals in gas, oil and real estate business.

Music of Nigeria

Nigeria gives the best cultural output. The country’s artistry remains a mystery to one and all. Naija music download site will contribute to your joy to listen to Nigerian music. It is well known for its –

  • Unique and innovative music
  • Nigerian population
  • Their spoken language
  • Instruments like dundun, bata, koso, agogo, sakara, ikoro, slit gong, udu pot drum, molo kontgi, etc.
  • Juju music – the most favorite genre of music
  • Highlife dance hall – a status for classical pop music
  • Traditional Apala and pop
  • Fuji Fever – Fuji music overtook juju as the most popular music
  • Waka – well known for conversation drums and hand percussion
  • Reggae – an important genre
  • Hip-Hop
  • Rap and Beyond

Future Grooves

Music industry in Nigeria is a challenge for the budding challengers. If Nigeria truly comes up and takes a rebirth in the music industry, it shall be one amongst the giants and the best one for its music artistry achievements.

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