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Interesting Facts About Asian Handicap Betting Sports

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Football is the most loved game on the face of this planet. And for people to love to make bets Asian handicap betting sports provides them with the right offers to make a bet on, i.e. Asian handicap betting is betting on football teams. This was founded in Indonesia and become popular at the start of 21st century. The main reason behind its popularity is that it lessens the number of results to 2 from 3 which increases the chances of winning from 33 % to 50 % which is an excellent amount of increase.

How is the Asian handicap betting sports works?

Interesting Facts About Asian Handicap Betting Sports

The name was coined in 1998 by Joe Saumare who was a journalist. If there are two teams namely team A and team B then in a normal football match three outcomes are possible-

  1. Team A wins
  2. Team B wins
  3. Tie between both teams

Now if the bettor has made a bet on team A then the chances of winning the bet is 33 % because if either team B wins or the match gets tied, in both cases team A doesn’t win. However, in Asian handicap betting sports, the option of a tie match is nullified by certain rules. So the probability of winning becomes 50 % for both the teams.

One of the major rules of Asian handicap betting sports is to give “handicap” to the team which more favored to win, i.e. the strong team between the two. The “handicap” can be given regarding goals or points before kick-off. “Handicap” is given in two ways-

  1. Providing goal or point deficiency to the strong team.
  2. Providing extra goal or point to the weak team also known as giving a head start.

Due to this system of “handicap” Asian handicap betting sports set up with a quarter goal and then at the end it goes as high as 2.5 or 3 goals in a single match with a vast distinction in skills

Rules of offering handicap

Winning the bet in Asian handicap betting sports is dependent on how well the better understands the rules of using a handicap.  Handicaps are separated into 3 categories-

  1. Full Goal Handicap: – This type of handicap involves only whole number for offering handicaps to a weak team. Handicaps provided like +1, +2,-1,-2 etc. In this case, the draw is possible in the match, and the stakes will be restored if that happens.
  2. Half Goal Handicap: – In this format handicaps are odd multiples of 0.5 i.e. + 0.5, +1.5, – 0.5 etc. Due to this probability of a tie is nullified.
  3. Quarter Goal Handicap: – This type of handicap was introduced as an intermediary format between the above mentioned two formats. Examples of this can be taken as +1.25, – 0.25, etc. This format diverges the number of outcomes in more than 2.

Types of Asian handicap betting sports

     There are two kinds of Asian handicap betting sports. They are as follows-

  1. Single Asian handicap betting: – This type of bet is played when the disparity of skills of the two teams is huge. The apparent better team is handicapped with -0.5,-1,-1.5,-2 goals at the kickoff.
  2. Split Asian Handicap betting: – This format is used when the differences in abilities between the two teams are not so visible. In this format, the wager is split into two handicaps. The strong team will start the match with a handicap as (0 and -0.5) or (-0.5 and -1) or (-1 and -1.5) goals.

Benefits of Asian handicap betting sports

The major advantages of Asian handicap betting sports are –

  1. Bets can be placed during the match as well as before starting the match. So traders can make a bet after noticing specific statistics of the match.
  2. If the selected team loses even then the bet can be still acquired depending on the provided handicap.
  3. Asian handicap betting sports is marked by the presence of a number of professional stalkers. So, it can return a better amount of won bets and better betting offers.
  4. After the draw is eliminated betting restrictions are lowered, offering a better chance of constant profit.
  5. By using handicap in the system, results are made to become unbiased, e. every bet which is made holds a good 50-50 chance of winning.

Asian handicap betting sports is one of the safest and reasonable methods of making bets. Use of handicap is an innovative way to level the field for both the teams. The value of the bets provided is also excellent. Moreover, now through the help of online internet betting is possible. That means bets can be placed from anywhere through mobile phones, tablets, or laptops.

Interesting Facts About Asian Handicap Betting Sports

Asian handicap betting sports is billion dollar industry in recent times. Being one of the safest, it is quite attractive to make a bet on it!

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