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Many people in Singapore and many parts of the world are becoming more and more interested in becoming Uber drivers. Uber is a company that operates an app that customers can use to request for trips from Uber drivers using their own cars. Many people who own cars have invested their cars to be used for Uber either by hiring their drivers or by driving their vehicle themselves. Some people who do not yet own cars purchase cars just to use it for the Uber business. What makes Uber attractive to many people is its convenience to the owner or driver. The owner or driver is going to be the one to decide how many hours every day is he going to utilize his or her car for Uber. You basically have the choice if you want to be a part time Uber driver or a full-time Uber driver. You can decide if you want to drive in the morning, the afternoon, or the evening. It is up to you how to maximize your earnings.

So if you are one of the many people in Singapore who want to become an Uber driver so that you can earn more money, read on to learn the requirements.

  1. Personal requirements

If you want to be an Uber driver in Singapore, you have to be at least 25 years old. You are also required to have a Class 3 or 3A driver’s license for at least 1 year.

Being a Singapore resident or a permanent resident is also a requirement.

If you want to be an UberExec driver or a driver of Uber’s luxury cars, a minimum of 2 years of professional driving is required.

  1. Vehicle requirements

If you want to be an Uber driver and make money, you need to have your own car or rent it from someone. Uber will not provide the car for you.

Requirements for UberX are four-door cars in good working condition that are not older than 2006.

For the UberExec, luxury and high-end cars such as the Mercedes Benz E and S class, BMW 5 and 7 series, Audi A6, A7, and A8, and Toyota Alphard and Vellfire. These luxury cars have to be color black and must be 2010 or newer.

Uber cars are also required to be registered as commercial cars. This is the reason why many Uber car owners in Singapore prefer to rent a car instead.

  1. Insurance requirements

Uber cars have to be insured as a commercial vehicle and not as a private vehicle. Comprehensive commercial insurance for your car is needed.

  1. Costs

Before you can operate as an Uber driver, you need to pay $65 for registration of sole proprietorship for the car business, and around $2,000 for the comprehensive commercial insurance. Transferring the vehicle to the company your registered car company costs $15.

Once you start to operate, your daily costs will include the gas or diesel, and your car maintenance. This will all depend on how many hours you use your car for Uber.Keep in mind that it will be your choice on how many hours a day you will drive for Uber or what time of the day you will drive.

Before you start to apply as an Uber driver, make sure that you learn and understand every requirement. Assess and examine if you have what it takes to be an Uber driver.

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