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Robotic Hair Restoration

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Nobody is spared from hair loss it affects both the genders without any kind of discrimination men as well as women. However, hair loss in women can be very traumatic. Shedding of hair can occur in whole body, but oftenly it is more seen on scalp. Significant noticing can be observed while shampooing, combing, or even on gentle touch.

However that dosent mean that you should stop cleansing the scalp and the hair, but instead of washing it everyday you should wash it twice a week because everyday wash may lead to hair fall, that may further lead to baldness. Clinicspots is a premier online medical facilitator that provides high quality service and helps you find the right treatment for your problem. It also provides hair transplant cost in Mumbai and their respective doctors and clinics within your surrounding. Generally after passing 3-4 months you will observe that there is a decrease in amount of hair, slowly and gradually they will stop.

In todays world advanced technology have raised its bar that have solution for all the problem whether it is hair loss or baldness. One of the modern technique is Robotic hair restoration. The latest innovation is introduced by robot for hair restoration surgery as a system for harvesting graft. This is a system that uses FUE technique for harvesting follicular units, which is suited for its best ability. Around the world robotic technology is been used at various locations.

Robotic Hair Restoration

What is robotic restoration?

  • Robotic hair procedure harvest grouping of individual hair without removal of large section of scalp and there is no scarring in donor area, whereas it doesnot require any kind of stiching or stapling.
  • Due to this procedure the prime recovery factor is reduced to an large extend

Comparing ROBOTIC with FUE:-

  • One of the problem with FUE is said that it takes several hours and multiple session for a doctor to pluck off thousands of tiny hair follicle units that is necessary for the natural look of hair transplant.
  • Next problem with FUE is that it becomes hard to tell an exact place of the follicles. Guessing it wrong may result in slicing up a healthy follicle and losing it forever.
  • As most of the people are not good candidate for FUE, doctor prefer old strip technique, bt consequence of strip technique is that it leaves scar across the back of head, that becomes noticableif his or her hair is short and it takes longer time for recovery also.

Do you know how does robotic restoration works?

  • It is an minimally invasive hair restoration solution that uses digital imaging and accuracy to robotics for harvesting healthy grafts for transplantation.
  • Unlike earlier methods of hair restoration, there is no need for the surgical removal of a band tissue from back and sides of the head, no linear scar are left after surgery and there is no need for stitches or stapling to close the wound.
  • The benefit of this procedure is quick recovery time and person will able to return to normal activities and work sooner.

Robotic system is an exciting or let me say an challenging entry in the field of hair restoration. Doctors are eagerly excited to work on this new technology for the patients in and around them.

What will be the cost of robotic hair transplant? This is the first common question that comes in anybody mind naturally. But the treatment cost is totally dependent upon the consultation you go through with your doctor in addition it is also dependent upon the amount of new hair you wish

Let’s have a look at its advantage:-

  • The main advantage of this device is that it minimized the work load of humans as well as the error created by them of recipient sites tiny holes created in the balding area of the scalp where grafts are placed.
  • There are many parameters in the creation of recipient sites that may affect the outcome of hair transplant, which all includes angle of hair, height, direction,etc. Physician used all these parameters and the device (the robot) executes the plan with much accuracy, high speed.
  • Robot allows the physician to specify what size of follicular unit need to be harvested and enables doctor to select most contain hair.
  • Most important advantage is that it minimizes patients wounding and make the method more efficient.

Is the robotic hair transplant result permanent?

  • Answer to this question is YES. Robotic hair transplant uses permanent growing hair of the patient, specially from the back side of your head, the physicians then implant this hair to the area having less hair or no hair areas on your scalp.
  • As this hair is not susceptible to the conditions that cause male pattern baldness, transplanted hair will last a lifetime.

Robotic hair transplant usually takes 4-8 hours to achieve your goal. You are allowed to make yourself comfortable during the process, doctors and staff will be present to minimize your fear throughout the procedure.

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