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Everything You Need To Know About Careers In Automobile Industry

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If you enjoy power, car mechanics and interested in learning how things work, you may be interest to make a career in the automobile industry. Motor and vehicle industry is an extensive field. There are various types of available jobs. You can choose as per your educational qualification and interests.

However, before making any final decisions about your career path, you need to understand what jobs are available. Moreover, the amount of money you will be earning is also a very important factor. Once you have completed your research and have gathered all kind of information, you can easily make a wise career choice.

Everything You Need To Know About Careers In Automobile Industry

The Most Available Jobs:

Automotive engineer: One of the most important jobs that you should consider is to become an automotive engineer. The demand of this particular role is very high. This job type is very crucial to any brand as you will be an active part of the product formation.

Moreover, if you have the right skills and talent, no one can stop your growth within few years. Electricians also have a major part in this sector. They mainly deal with the testing department of the electrical aspects. They ensure that the end products are running perfectly well and safely.

The other segment: The other types of job roles include supply chain management, distribution, dealerships and sales. Mechanical and servicing are also important aspects. The company earns mostly from the servicing part. This is because a car is purchased once or twice but servicing is a recurring cost. Users will always take this service to ensure the smooth running of the vehicle.

Additionally, machine operators also have a big opportunity in this industry, as they deal with the production of the accessories, as per the product planning. There are jobs related to transporters, detailers, painters, graphic designers, welders, testers and the list goes on.

In simple, terms it doesn’t matter whether you are from science field or commercial field, there are enough jobs for everyone. Even online stores like Ideal Auto USA are also hiring fresh and experienced candidates. Start applying and you may land the best job among your batch mates.

Money Matters: While most of these jobs in this sector offer great wages but they are different from each other in pay scale. Usually it depends on what kind of job role you are into. If you are deciding to become a mechanical engineer you can expect a great amount of salary.

Fresh candidates can earn up to $40000 to $60000 per annum. Experienced candidates can earn more than $100,000 per annum, depending upon the years of experience. Electricians can expect $50,000 to $70,000 per annum.

If you want to be in the commercial field, again the wages are different for different roles. A salesman or a distribution manager will earn a fixed salary of about $40,000 to $70,000 per annum along with incentives. With incentives, you can earn more than mechanical engineers.

People who are in other sector like designers, painter and welders usually earn $180-$120 per hour, which can add up very fast. However, the entire salary range is dependent on the economic status of that particular demography and demand of that region.

Needless to say automobile industry is growing fast. Recent economic forecasts predict that it will continue to grow rapidly in the next few decades. With the decline in the real estate segment, motor and vehicle industry is taking up a new shape.

Author Bio: Matthew Rosario is an esteemed financial expert and an educational counselor. He works with Ideal Auto USA. He can help you choosing the right career path. You can mail him for best suggestions.

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