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6 Ways to Pass Driving Tests

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During driving tests, we should be able to show good knowledge and proper technical skills. Before a candidate is given a proper driving license, he will need to pass proper tests. Here are things that we should remember to do during the test:

  1. Observe carefully at junctions: Road junctions are considered as risk factors during driving and we should be able to approach it carefully with appropriate speeds. We should be able to demonstrate effective judgment and observation. It means that we should check the positions of cyclists, pedestrians and other cars. We should also know their probable speed and directions. In this case, we shouldn’t cause others to change direction or brake abruptly.
  2. Good control when reversing around corners: When we do it, we should be able to maneuver the car skillfully at a manageable speed, often slower than the normal walking pace. We should have proper reference points and it is important to constantly check our positions. We shouldn’t maneuver too close or far from the kerb. The turning point should be lined up properly with the rear wheels of our car.
  3. Practice steering: The examiner would know whether we are able to properly control the car using steering wheel. We should use the pull push method when steering the car. When self centering, we shouldn’t let the wheel slip through our hands. Point and rate of turn should be determined accurately to avoid driving over the kerbs or cut the corner.
  4. Use mirrors when changing directions: When driving, we should use the mirror, signal, position, speed and look concept. This would allow us to have the best possible view of things behind us.
  5. Switch gears properly: Depending on the conditions we are driving in, we should switch and use appropriate gears. Lower gears should be used when we are moving away and once we are up to speed, we could choose high gears. We should avoid coasting, that’s when we depress the clutch as we move from bigger road to smaller road at a junction. Gears are essential for fuel efficiency and it is important not let the engine burns fuel at higher revs without being picking up speed.
  6. Move away safely: We should use effective observation when moving away from the side of the road. It means that we need to check for any blind spot. When we move away, we shouldn’t cause others cars from changing direction or slowing down. When we are moving away, it is important to give enough signal to others.
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