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5 Theme Ideas For A Rockin’ Christmas Party

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Christmas is here, folks! It’s time to dust off those red and green ornaments and put them in display. Flashy lights are very welcome, and so are all those delectable goodies wrapped in festive paper.

It’s the perfect time to throw a party fit for the season. Here are 5 theme ideas for a rockin’ Christmas party.

  • Going Goth

If you want an alternative take on the bright colors during the holiday season, this is your best bet. Think Nightmare Before Christmas. You can have black and white décor complete with skulls and bones. You can ask your guests to come in black or white.  You can have an entire black-and-white set-up for the buffet.

Complete the look with a shower of antique or Victorian furniture and a DJ playing rock music all night long. Definitely a unique party that is more than the usual.

  • Sugar and Spice

If Goth is not your thing, one of the 5 theme ideas for a rockin’ Christmas party is going sweet all the way. Think of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and incorporate that atmosphere in your own party. Vibrant colors should be everywhere and anywhere.

Have overflowing sweets at the buffet table. It should be an explosion of sugar and spice and everything nice. Keep those pop songs playing all night and let your guests come in the wackiest, most colorful garb possible.

5 Theme Ideas For A Rockin’ Christmas Party

  • Work, Work, Work

Here’s another great theme idea for a Christmas party. Work, but not just any kind of work. We’re talking about working at the North Pole. That’s right – you can transform your venue into Santa’s workshop. You can hire a choir to sing Christmas songs the whole night.

You can have a sleigh set-up for your buffet table. Silverware can be decorated with cut-outs of cute little hammers and other tools. Let your guests come in a cool sweater and a Santa hat. Complete the atmosphere by setting up different stations where guests can do simple tasks like paint, make ornaments, or decorate Christmas cookies.

  • Christmas Karaoke

This is a pretty easy theme to pull off. All you have to do is to rent a Karaoke machine and you are good to go. With this theme, it’s important to think of the number of your guests as this might not work for a large crowd.

For the best Christmas Karaoke experience, it would be best to have a guest size of about 30 to 40. This gives enough time for people to choose songs and appreciate the talent of singing (or lack thereof).

  • Christmas Mystery

Rounding up our 5 theme ideas for a rockin’ Christmas party is a cool murder mystery. Think Murder on the Orient Express. You can hire actors or ask guests who are game to play the different parts. Have guests write their suspects on pieces of paper. Do the big reveal at the very end. Now that’s one exciting way to cap things off for the night!

Christmas is definitely the season that gets people going with all the holiday cheer. With these 5 theme ideas for a rockin’ Christmas party, you can definitely throw an epic celebration. Go get going and have the time of your life this Christmas.

Written by bleu events, one of the top event planners Columbia, MO has to offer.

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