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Sletrokor Review – How Safe and Effective Is This Product?

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Sletrokor is a weight-loss supplement product by a company called as – 18 Nutrition, based out of California. The product is sold and marketed only in USA, directly from the official website of sletrokor – It is not clear when the product was first launched and the official website provides little info about the background.

Sletrokor Review - How Safe and Effective Is This Product?

Sletrokor is made up of all natural ingredients and claim to help with not only the weight loss, but also to aid blood pressure regulation and cholesterol management, enhancing the metabolism and lifting up the mood by regulating the levels of serotonin.

The official website lists this product as the “#1 weight loss pill of 2017” and offers a 30 days money back offer to the buyers. However, a lot of negative feedback has been posted around the web about the difficulty in getting their money back, when claimed.

Although it is difficult for a new customer to decide based on limited information when there are so many weight loss products are around in the market. This article is focused to give you a break down on Sletrokor, to analyze how safe and effective a product is it.

Ingredients Contained

The product website lists all the natural ingredients that work together to give an effective weight loss for the consumer. The key ingredients that go into these weight loss pills are –

Garcinia Cambogia

This contains Hydroxycitric acid or HCA, which is responsible for uplifting the overall mood with serotonin and a healthy metabolism

Aloe Vera

This is a well known plant to aid digestion and as a result boost the metabolism and detoxification.  

Cascara Sagrada

This is bark that has been known for its laxative qualities. The presence of Emodin is also linked with anti-cancer benefits.

Gymnema Sylvestre

This herb is known for its benefits with controlling blood sugar, stimulating digestion and weight loss. It also has laxative and diuretic qualities.


This acts as a fiber supplement which helps with appetite suppression and absorbing fats.

It also has cider vinegar, to help regulating the blood sugar and blood pressure.

Product Description

Sletrokor is a blend of all natural ingredients that act together to give its user an effective weight loss and an overall healthy body. The catch here is the blend of the ingredients listed above. The website does declare the ingredients names but does not declare the proportion used, owing to the patented formulae. There are mixed opinions about this because all the ingredients listed above are known to have superior medicinal benefits individually, to aid a lot of bodily functions, but naturally can’t complement each other well, until mixed in a certain measure to obtain a certain objective.

It is typically recommended to be accompanied by an ongoing weight loss process, physical workout routine or meal replacement solutions, to offer the best results.

Good about Sletrokor

The fact that it is made up of all natural ingredients certainly works well for a lot of organic enthusiasts.

The ingredients used have tried and tested health benefits, supported by various independent researches.

30 days money back guarantee by the company

Great discounts offered by the company make this product really economical

Bad about Sletrokor

The major downside of this product is that it does not disclose the quantities of the ingredients used

It is only sold through online platform

There are numerous negative reviews about inconvenient customer support

Sletrokor Side Effects

Many users have reported some unpleasant experience about dehydration and diarrhea.  Though the energy and weight loss part was reported positively, but we just can’t ignore the negative reviews of the customers complaining about these unpleasant side effects.

Cheap can be Expensive

Price is usually the first thing people notice while comparing any such products, and tend fall for such business tactics all the time that on the face appear to be cheap but when you look deeper one realizes that it cost them more than they thought.

So is the case with Sletrokor weight loss pills – the website offers an eyeball-popping discount of about 40% discount upfront with a 30 days money back claim. But once you read the fine print, they will make you buy three bottles together to offer that discount, so in effect you are investing approx 107 USD on one purchase and if you are taking the product twice a day, then the spend will go even higher. Well, you can do the math for yourself, to figure out is it coming cheap or expensive.


The mixed reviews from the customers who have used this product and experienced the weight loss or the side effects mixed with other improvements, indicate that a product that lacks the full scientific support, might not be an ideal choice for the first timers. For the others who have tried the product and if it worked for them, there is no risk, as long as the product serves its purpose.

Overall the ingredients shown definitely look to be impressive, but a blend of those ingredient and lacking the information on their quantity, does warrant a pure scientific research shared with potential customers, so that they know what they trust their health with.

Bottom Line

Having outlined all the key elements that make this weight loss product what it is, no doubt it leaves the readers amply clear of its offerings.

The ones who are still wondering whether is it worth investing in the product or keep searching for ideal alternatives, I would only recommend that based on the information provided in the article and your current needs, make a decision in favor of your health and pocket.

Remember selecting an ideal weight loss product is only a start, it is going to be a longtime regiment for an effective and sustainable weight loss results, and in the process how you keep yourself motivated to continue on that journey depends largely on your own will power, but still you’d want to lower the obstacles that could trigger you to roll back to the start point again.

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