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5 Benefits Of Carpooling You Won’t Dare Deny

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Carpooling is referred to as the practice whereby more than individuals share in the journey taken by car or commute to school/work. This practice helps reduce your carbon footprint and entail many other benefits. Read on to find out more:

5 Benefits Of Carpooling You Won’t Dare Deny

1.      Save Money/Deterrent to Fuel Hikes

You can save yourself fuel expenses by sharing in with other travelers. No hassle for parking fee or car maintenance. Any repairs or maintenance expense is shared between the commuting parties. Insurance wise also, you can get discounted rates given your profile as a carpooler.

For those commuting alone, major worry usually is a hike in fuel prices. You wish you had one big barrel of petrol (read fuel) in which you can stock it for the times to come. You wouldn’t have to give-in to rising prices. Antidote here is sharing expenses with someone or a multiple of someone.

Carpooling is what serves to remedy that. Cost is shared and your pocket feels light.

2.      Say Bye-Bye to Traffic Congestion

This is the benefit to society directly and indirectly to you. Nobody prefers more traffic or a growing number of cars on the road. This greatly reduces the noise and air pollution with blaring horns or emission of carbon monoxide from car engines. Consequently, there will be less congestion.

During office rush hours it’s like survival of the fittest. Nobody gives a damn about other drivers they just want to get to the office on time (no matter if they kill someone in the process, okay that’s far-fetched).

But you see my point – less number of cars means seamless driving experience and only one way to achieve  that, eliminate cars on the road (just kidding), carpooling man what else? Imagine fuss free roads, (ah let me just grab my keys).

3.      Ozone Safeguard

As previously stated, that fewer cars mean less chance of dangerous gas emissions and a cut on pollution. This, in turn, helps protect the environment and keeps it clean + green. Did you know ozone layer depletion and climate changes are attributed to these fumes from cars?

There is a lot of talk about an individual’s carbon footprint, what is it? It’s actually what is being emitted into the air. If you do the math; say two people two separate cars and they switch to carpooling instead and results? Well 1+1 = 2 carbon footprints as opposed to a single car, 1 footprint (reduced by half!)

4.      Stress Reduction (To an Extent)

Driving to and from work can be a hectic routine. Plus when you are pretty much on your own you become bored or at times any mishap occurs on road there is no one to lend you support immediately. While carpooling offers all of the above and you just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Carpooling keeps you from turning grumpy. Yes grumpy, because being stuck in traffic is not a pleasant experience. You simply can’t escape it! Life is to enjoy and not about dying away each day in commuting back and forth. In life, some stress is inherent and out of our control (which makes us human btw) but this traffic stress is very well within our controls. So chop it off!

5.      Joyride & Etching Long-Term Relationships

Carpooling is a fun way to travel while meeting new people and making friends. This also leads to building fresh professional relationships. I speak of fun because say 4 people including you are bound to crack jokes, stop by to grab something to eat or listen to loud music if that’s your cup o’ tea. Hell, mere chit chat makes the commuting time fly by.

So you get the idea of why carpooling is gaining momentum. Okay… good.

Author Bio: The author is an environmentalist. With help of blogging, she has been striving towards making this world a safer place. She has a degree in environmental studies and she is working for students at forum of UK Essay Writer and also she is committed to the cause of a greener world. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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