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4 Tips For Keeping Your Car Clean With Minimal Effort

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While everyone loves the look of a clean car, very few people enjoy putting in the effort to get the car clean. Fortunately, there are a few shortcuts that you can take to help your car stay clean, even if you don’t put in much effort. This will give you more time to enjoy road trips in your car instead of worrying so much about the car itself.

4 Tips For Keeping Your Car Clean With Minimal Effort

Keep a Cover On It

If you don’t have a garage in which to store your vehicle, then a cover makes a good substitute. Covers can be found in different sizes so that they match the size of your vehicle fairly closely. In addition to keeping your vehicle clean, covers help protect your vehicle from many common pollutants that can do serious damage to your paint.

Protect Your Carpet

Trying to shampoo your vehicle’s carpet can be a big job. Lugging a heavy carpet shampooer to your vehicle and then working in the cramped spaces can make cleaning your vehicle seem overwhelming. If you want to avoid this task, it’s important that you install vinyl floor mats in your vehicle so that you can remove the mats and clean them instead of having to clean the floors themselves.

Wax It

Though the idea of waxing a vehicle is enough to make some people fall asleep, taking this step can make your vehicle much easier to keep clean. Since dirt will adhere to the wax instead of the paint, it will be much easier to remove the dirt with a basic wash. If you don’t feel like applying the wax by hand, you can use a liquid wax that sprays onto your vehicle with a hose.

Don’t Get Behind

When it comes to keeping a car clean, some people give themselves more work than necessary simply because they wait too long to clean their car. Especially when it comes to your vehicle’s interior, if you remember to remove the trash you created every time you exit your vehicle, you won’t have much of a mess to clean up when you do decide to be more thorough. Plus, keeping up with your vehicle will prevent you from misplacing items or losing them under a pile of trash.

Of course, if you’re in a hurry to get your vehicle clean and you don’t want to put out any effort, then your best bet is a drive-thru car wash. As long as you make sure to remove any leftover water after you exit, a drive-thru car wash can do a decent job. Some car wash facilities offer a membership plan that allows you to get multiple car washes throughout the month for one low price. This can help you keep your vehicle clean without ever leaving the driver’s seat.

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