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Will SFA Software Turn Us Into Robots?

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Sales force automation platforms have become an indispensable part of modern businesses. They provide companies with an integrated control over the whole customer journey, from lead generation to making deals and repeat sales. Contemporary market offers a wide variety of SFA-oriented systems with different features, functions, and key purposes. The company of bpm’online has developed a product of the kind. Bpm’online sales –– is the flagship CRM product, aimed at automation of all the sales processes. It offers companies a set of in-circuit best practice sales processes, which can lead sales reps brick by brick through the most effective measures to liberate sales bottlenecks and make the most of the selling process. You can read about the features of this service on

Will SFA Software Turn Us Into Robots?

Basic Tools of SFA Software

Let us have a look at standard CRM-oriented platform. Its aim is to help a business drive successful customer acquisition, develop its turnover, and boost revenue. In order to complete all these tasks, SFA software should have a number of tools, the most important of which are:

  • 360° customer view. Sales reps can unite all their contacts into a single database, divide them into separate groups, complete profiles, save and look through the history of communications, and so on. It allows companies to get rid of duplicates in their customer data base and to easily analyze all the aspects of their customer database.
  • Business process management. The bpm’online system will help sales reps create and schedule their calls, emails, and other tasks. They will easily automate all their operational processes and liberate time for other tasks, like looking for new buyers, working with the most qualified leads, or developing the company’s products.
  • Opportunity management. Is it easy to take part in tender processes? Naturally not! Especially, if you have no SFA software. The SFA platform can help you complete a number of tasks without waste of time: it can develop tactics for different opportunities, find key decision makers, monitor competitors, and analyze their characteristic features.
  • Sales forecasting. With the help of CRM platform, you can easily plan sales volumes, compare sales performance for different periods of time, and analyze all the data you possess. The system will help you evaluate the chances of meeting sales quotas and choose the most effective ways of marketing.

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SFA Software: Turning People into Robots

Some specialists note that CRM platforms can automate not only sales processes, but human relations, too. They ring the alarm bells, because sales organizations may become too attached to their software, while the buyers will feel abandoned and deprioritized. Is this a real danger or just the wild assumption of hand-wringers?

Naturally, the use of SFA software is apparent. It isn’t aimed at turning your sales department into the team of robots. The SFA platforms are to be used by an organic group of humans working together. This is why every business should choose the system designed to manage the sales pipeline just the way the company got used to work. Only in this case, the software will provide you with the tools and solutions, which you need in order to gain competitive advantage. Using such sophisticated SFA software, your sales reps will be able to make calls, send emails and get in touch with customers in a much faster and easier way. All this lets your employees be even more ‘human’ than before, as they’ll engage with buyers on a more frequent basis. And the buyers, as we know, can’t be reduced to figures and letters on a screen.

Ideally, sales force automation platforms should come as the inherent part of a complete CRM software package. As we know, “CRM” stands for “customer relationship management”, and the key term here is “relationship.” Therefore, your team should aim at establishment of real, long-lasting relationship with customers, while figures and other pieces of information must take a back seat. Here, SFA software stands out as well as its very core is to automate all the routine processes within a sales department, synchronize the streams of information and communication lines. With a genuinely integrated combination of CRM and SFA, your company can benefit from proactive intelligence, while its employees will do their best to develop sincere and strong relationships with customers. Naturally, this method has nothing to do with robots – all the members of your team will remain ‘human’ and even more attractive for consumers than before.

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