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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Sales Force Automation Software

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What are the main enemies of a modern business? Fierce competition, disconnected lead data, delayed sales cycles, and increasing sales force are possible problems and difficulties of majority of companies and it does not end here. The more you work on sales boosting, the more disappointed and frustrated you feel when facing decrease in productivity.

All these problems can be solved by means of using sales force automation software: such solution let sales reps fulfill their tasks much faster and easier. The idea of this platform sounds as follows: they let companies work smarter instead of harder. Bpm’online CRM – one of such systems – belongs to bpm’online. It offers businesses a wide range of services like managing phone calls, forecasting sales, development of products, and so on. You can read about this service on

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Sales Force Automation Software

Standard Features of Sales Force Automation Software

In general, SFA platforms save salesmen the necessity to complete the widerange of tasks associated with selling. They get some free time for other tasks – looking for new clients, developing new products, and working out the new ways of advertising. Hardcore selling – this is what the members of the sales department are to do, without wasting their time on routine, monotonous work. What differentiate this software from other enterprise solutions is that sales force automation software is applicable for companies of all sizes. It fits both small businesses and large, prosperous firms. As a rule, software like bpm’online offer businesses hundreds of solutions contributing to the increase of sales rate and higher productivity of the whole company.

According to the survey conducted by IDC, SFA platforms let companies achieve the following results:

  • Increase the percentage of closed deals by 30%;
  • Make the sales cycle 18% shorter;
  • Reduce the sales waiting time by 14%.

Why You Need Sales Force Automation Software

It will Save your Time

How many hours do you spend scheduling sales appointments? Does it take you long to follow-up the leads by sending emails and tracking contacts? Aren’t you tired of constantly updating your sale opportunities? Suppose, you are! Once you deploy the SFA platform, the best part of the tasks named above will be completed automatically. The way from development of estimates to closing deals will become much shorter. Besides, applying to such platforms salesmen will have all the necessary data at the fingertips. In order to find certain phone number, address, or data, they just need to take  a look into the corresponding part of the system.

It will help you in Sales Forecasting

Salesforce automation platforms let sales reps understand the sales trends and feel strongly about the number of opportunities they have in the pipeline. When having this data, the members of your company can project accurately all their future sales. Such a precise forecast is very important for any business. It lets sales reps have a clear insight into the forthcoming revenue, as well as possible bottlenecks and the ways of their overcoming.

Sales Force Automation Software is a Great helper in Up-selling and Cross-selling

Such platforms are perfect services for accumulating and storing of marketing history. Your sales rep can use this data at any moment of their work, looking through the most beneficial trades, choosing the most frequent buyers, and thus improving the prospects of their activity. For example, the members of your sales department can analyze the following pieces of information:

  • clients’ demographics;
  • purchase patterns;
  • buyers’ preferences, etc.

It is useful in Sales Team Management

Sales managers devote much time to daily calculation of sales-call sheets. Using SFA software, they get rid of the necessity to expend their time on such activities. They obtain a 360-degree view of all aspects required for evaluation of sales revenue. Possessing such an accurate metrics, sales managers can easily form their sales reps’ territories. Reliable software like bpm’online save them the risk of defining too big or too small coverage in a given area. Besides, managers have the possibility to redesign their territories, making them larger or, on the contrary, cutting down the number of possible clients.

Lead Management

What about lead conversions? Most of the SFA services automate them too! Such software extracts leads from the general scope of marketing campaigns, website sessions, or outgoing calls. It notifies salesmen about the appearance of new perspective purchasers in the pipeline. Consequently, your specialists can monitor all their leads from day to day and choose the most suitable time to contact them. If they get in touch with the buyers as soon as they show their interest in the company’s offer, chances that the prospect will be engaged become much higher.

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