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Why Traditional Rock Sauna Heaters Are Still Popular?

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The sauna heater is the most important element of a sauna, regardless it is installed in home or outdoor. The type of sauna heater you choose actually affects the quality of your experience more than any other thing. This is the reason why you need to spend more time in researching on the best type of sauna heater that you can choose for your home or outdoor sauna.

Heat in a sauna is vital since it is meant to open your pores and make you sweat. Nevertheless, it is also true that not all sauna heaters provide the same level of heat in the same way. When it comes to choosing the best sauna heater, you can consider two main types of sauna heaters – the traditional heaters with rocks and the modern infrared heaters. If you need to install your sauna outdoor rooms, you can even consider a wood burning sauna heater.

Why Traditional Rock Sauna Heaters Are Still Popular?

Traditional Rock Sauna Heaters:

Traditional sauna heaters use electricity, oil, gas, or wood as a main heating agent. Where the wooden sauna heaters were the traditional norm, electric sauna heaters are the most convenient modern alternative. Traditional rock sauna heaters are usually built with steel enclosures. These can be mounted to the wall of the sauna and also set in the floor.

Once the heaters are turned on, they heat up the bed of sauna rocks. The sauna rocks also warm up the sauna by convection. Typically, the electric heated rock unit takes about 30 to 45 minutes to heat up properly.  The temperature range is 140 degree to 190 degree Fahrenheit. The sauna heaters have a covering or fence that helps to protect sauna bathers.

There are many traditional rock sauna heaters that come with stainless steel enclosure. This type of sauna heaters may perform better than painted units, because of the potential for rust. All you need to do is to place the unit as centrally as possible in order to evenly distribute the heat. In residential unit, wall mounting sauna heaters are preferred since it allows for more floor space.

Benefits of Traditional Sauna Heaters:

There are many different benefits of a traditional sauna heater. Traditional sauna heaters will allow users to customize their sauna experience. With traditional rock sauna heaters, you can maintain a very hot, dry environment or add required amount of water to produce steam as well as reduce the intensity of the heat.

Sauna Controls:

Residential sauna heaters usually come with a 1 hour maximum timer along with a thermostat for temperature control. Nevertheless, the commercial saunas can run more than 1 hour residential sauna heater limit. However, you need to provide an attendant on the premises to check bathers. Sauna controls are vital and are sometimes found directly mounted on the residential electric heaters. Sauna controls are convenience and cost saving measure. However, if used wrongly, it may lead to other issues because of the exposure to heat and moisture. This is the reason why it is important to set up sauna controls to the side of the door.

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