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5 Hacks to make your Hair Salon Team more Productive

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Clients are always considered to be a priority in the services business. However, the tools and machines need men to work on them. With the right attitude and positive team culture, the teamwork becomes a player in the arena customer satisfaction and productivity.

Here are five hacks that can help you make the team of your hair salon more productive

  1. The Power of a Fist


A simple example can be our hand does not have all fingers alike. Each has a particular size and shape. Without losing significance each can prove to be helpful in different situations. The team at a salon has a mix of members with their individual skill set. It is on you that how well you place them together and pack a punch to the face of dissatisfaction of the customers.     

  1. Training


Training is considered to be advancement with time as training the individual in the same craft that he or she has been performing is of no use. However, with an advanced course, like the latest color trend or a using a new equipment can help the skills grow. The member receiving the training can share the valuable experience and train others as well. This promotes coordination along with improvement in overall quality of the salon.

  1. Team Care


Clients are surely important. They pay the money, and that is what gives the salary of your employees. Customer satisfaction is the result of the efforts of your employees. The moment the customer walks in, the response of the staff determines the mood of the customer. Keeping the team encouraged and motivated helps in creating a positive work environment. The hospitality that the customer visiting the salon receives, makes a great deal of difference in determining the satisfaction level. Ask your staff to look after the customer as they would like to be looked after.

  1. Sharing


Whether you have a well-established hair salon business or have just started. You can share your aspirations with your staff at a meeting or lunch. Breaking the ice between you and your staff is your job as the juniors can be reluctant to talk to the boss directly about what they think. The experienced might not come up to you and discuss the advanced equipment or may be the changes they need. When you and your staff has a common vision, working on a common goal comes naturally. This helps each member of the team to know their specific goals.

  1. Target Orientation


Set targets to maximise productivity. Targets develop energy and enthusiasm in the members and results in increased efficiency. The mindset of setting an aim and achieving it is rewarding in many ways. It develops a healthy work culture and defines the quality with which the staff works. Thereby, producing customer satisfaction and business progress.

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