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Why Do I Have Spider Veins?

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If you are struggling with the appearance of new spider veins underneath of your skin you are probably wondering why you have them in the first place. Understand why you have spider veins can be a bit complex as there are multiple reasons that they may be appearing. Thankfully, there are great spider vein treatment options available so you can rest assured that you will not have to live with the veins forever.

Causes of Spider Veins

There are many different scenarios that may be the underlying reason for your spider veins. Are you currently pregnant? Did you know that pregnant women are much more likely to have spider veins form in their legs while they are carrying their babies. The added pressure to their body from the baby can cause strain of their vascular system. Pregnant women also have a much increased level of blood flow in their bodies while they are pregnant. The added blow flow paired with the increased pressure is a cause for spider veins to form.

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Genetics play a big role in who is affected by spider veins. Did you notice these veins on your grandmother’s feet and calf muscles? There is a pretty good chance that if she had them, her mother did as well. Unfortunately, if this vein disorders is common in your family there is a fairly good chance that these veins are also going to form in your body at some point. Genetics can play a big role in how well your veins hold up as you age.

What do you do for a living? Do you stand or sit for long periods of time? Veins needs to have a healthy balance of exercise and rest in order to remain healthy and strong. Sitting for long periods of time causing your blood to become stuck inside of your vein. The pooling will cause a spider vein to form. If you are standing for long periods of time without resting your veins day after day, the veins and valves inside of them are going to become tired. When the veins become exhausted the blood inside of them can start to pool slowly and spider veins form.

Treating Spider Veins

With the new treatment options that are available, you can treat your spider veins easily without having to worry about the recovery and how painful the procedure is going to be. A vein specialist can usually treat your veins by inserting a solutions through a small needle into the affected vein which closes the vein and redirects the blood inside of the vein to another, more healthy vein.

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Spider veins can usually be treated in one appointment and you can return to your everyday activities directly following the treatment. Living with spider veins is silly when there are great options available to treat the affected veins. In fact, many insurance companies will even help cover the cost of the procedure. There is nothing to wait for. You should consult a vein specialist today about treating your spider veins.

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