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Some realistic facts about pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a time where you expect things on a platter. But in the midst of all this, there might be some changes that would force you to quit mid-way. But all these are part and parcel of the game and pretty much like medications for infection in pregnancy you would need to combat things. One issue that is on the rarer side is cancer as per oncology pregnancy medicine. But still, there are a lot of issues that you would have to deal with when you are pregnant. Let us go through them as follows.


This is something that is pretty much on the expected lines during the first couple of weeks when you are pregnant. At the same time in certain cases, it could be severe and pose a cause for concern. Though it might seem to be ok with you, headaches are a definite cause of annoyance. At the same time, the main reason why you experience during the period of pregnancy is due to the change of the hormone levels. It would be prudent on your part to try relaxation methods, drink around 10 glasses of water every day and be well rested. All of them ensure a smooth recovery as far headache is concerned when you are pregnant.

Indigestion and heartburn

As the hormonal changes are going to take over, there is a scope of indigestion and this is going to start as early as the starting phase of the second trimester. The unborn baby does go on to put a lot of pressure on the womb of the mother. Because of this reason, you can experience heartburn along with indigestion. One of the rules would be to abandon the theory of 3 large meals a day and stick to the formula of small meals during the day. Opt for light meals and stay away from oily food. At the same time do not stay hungry because it is going to be a cause of heartburn.

Nose bleeding

This might scare you, but a little bit of bleeding through the nose during the tenure of pregnancy is pretty much on the unexpected lines. There is nothing to lose sleep over it. The reason why it tends to happen is a definite change in the levels of the hormone. The moment you do become pregnant, the skin becomes drier than the normal self. It would be the same case with your nose as the inside of it might become rugged and some bleeding is common.

Nipples leakage

The first notion would be that you are going to produce milk once the baby makes an entry. As soon as the baby arrives the body starts producing milk. The onus would be on the breasts to leak a little bit of milk the moment you do become pregnant.

Vaginal discharge

The moment you do become pregnant you are likely to witness a massive increase in terms of vaginal discharge. Do worry if it is above certain levels.

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