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Home Remedies to Keep Those Pests Away

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Being near lizards, earwigs, centipedes and the much dreaded cockroaches can feel pretty gross. Just imagine if these pests started staying with you in your home. Having food in your house while they crawl around the floor is pretty disgusting. These pests can occupy almost every corner of your house and can increase their number from a few to hundreds in a matter of weeks. Having these dirty pests in your house is not sickening but also poses great danger to your health and hygiene. Many insects are even poisonous and cause a variety of diseases. Small children should be especially kept away from them.

Home Remedies to Keep Those Pests Away

Getting rid of them as fast as possible should be your main agenda. You can call pest control services to help you get rid of these dangerous creatures from your house. But you will see that their method works only for a limited period of time. They also charge a lot of money for their services. After a certain while the pests return, to which you can either choose to call the pest controllers again or make the wise choice of resorting to some natural and traditional ways to keep you home free of pests.


  • If you find the point of entry of the ants, put some thinly cut slices of cucumber there. As ants instinctively avoid the smell of cucumbers they will no longer be a problem.
  • You can use mint tea bags or crushed mint leaves to prevent the entry of ants to your house.
  • If you have a major ant infestation, then you should make a mixture of a teaspoon of borax, a cup of sugar and a litre of water. Dip a few cotton balls in this solution and then place them in those places where ants will have easy access to them. This will act as bait and the ants will carry them to their colony. On eating these ants will die. The smell will cause the ants in the colony to die.


  • The best way to keep your house free of cockroaches is to keep your house clean at all times. Use a strong soap solution to clean your house and the number of cockroaches will drastically reduce.
  • Cockroaches like living in high places. So you should put boric power on top of your cabinets in the kitchen. Also put the powder in the space between the cabinet and ceiling. Once they taste the powder they will get infected and then they return to their nest they will infect the other cockroaches too thereby killing all of them.


  • Don’t keep standing water in your house as it is a great breeding point for mosquitoes.
  • A dilute solution of garlic can be used to repel mosquitoes from biting you.
  • Pest control companies might not tell you, but the marigold plant and Thai lemon grass is really effective for keeping mosquitoes away from your house.
  • Neem oil has a lot of health benefits and other than that it can also be used to prevent mosquitoes from biting you.
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