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Why Create A Logo? How An Abstract Logo Works For Your Business

2 Mins read

Why create a company logo? What are the real issues? What are the elements to consider when creating your logo?

There are 3 very important points to consider before you create your logo: the shape of the icon, the font and color of your logo. These three criteria are decisive for the image of your company. It is essential that you to consider these factors before you start because your logo is the first ambassador of your company.

Some contractors will rely solely on a specific point to represent their business. For example, the Google logo will mainly be focused on the color. The Apple computer company will use the form (an apple). The beverage company Coca-Cola uses an atypical police.

Why Create A Logo? How An Abstract Logo Works For Your Business

What does that mean for you? In the logo design there is no absolute rule. You must think carefully about the image and concept that you want to convey to your customers.

A font can be very telling, a symbolic icon. It is necessary to properly marry the two in order to find perfect harmony. Your customers must be able to recognize your logo at a glance in the street, on a website or on a flyer.

In summary, the creation of logo depends on your ability to find a harmony between form, font and color.

Create an Abstract Logo

  • Do you prefer a neutral aesthetic result? In all cases, TheLogoNow designers will help you.
  • Icons adapted to Different industries are available.
  • Do not hesitate to consult the logos proposed in different categories or diverting them.

Sometimes an abstract icon can be more eloquent or more differentiating a classic form. It allows you to play with shapes and colors. This is a good way to give a more original view of your business. To meet this need, we developed an “abstract” category. TheLogoNow is providing best logo design services with professional designers have worked on more neutral forms that can suit different professional categories. These logos do not represent a particular activity, it is not connected to a graphically specific sector.

The abstract logo is not subject to a trend. It is not likely to be exceeded in some years. It is neither a motive nor a representation. The meaning of these logos is not limited to the shape or the color but your interpretation. Several large company chose an abstract logo to represent their brand. This is the case of several banks and insurance companies but also some signs of large distribution.

Attention abstract logo can be more complicated to understand for your customers. As this is not a formal representation, your logo does not allow customers to identify your business at a glance.

This is not insurmountable, simply to have a sentence or clear attractive grip. Feel free to read our article on our official blog, it can help you choose your icon like all of our blog articles about creating logo. Do not hesitate to send us your comments at

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