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What You Should Know About Vaccines

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Many people argue over the efficacy of vaccines. However, it is clear that vaccines do and always have had a necessary place in the health and the wellness of children, adults, and the community as a whole. Perhaps it’s easier to understand this fact by exploring what vaccines are and what they seek to do to create a healthier society.

What You Should Know About Vaccines

Babies Lose Their Immunities within the First Year

When a child is born he is immune to many diseases because he still has many of his mother’s antibodies to protect him. However, within the first year of life, this immunity fades leaving the baby vulnerable to disease and sickness. This is where vaccination becomes extremely important. A perfect example of this fact is a well-known incident that took place in American history long ago. Smallpox used to be a disease strong enough to kill people, and it did. Many people died after contracting the disease. Thanks to the help of vaccines, a small amount of the disease was created as a vaccine to introduce the body to the disease to build up enough immunity for the body to protect itself against it.

Immunity Protects Us from Disease

Many may be unclear of what immunity actually is. It’s best described as an army that prevents foreign invaders from taking over your homeland. In other words, the first time you get sick your body begins to produce antibodies against the sickness. However, this doesn’t happen fast enough to prevent sickness. The vaccine seeks to make the body produce antibodies before the real sickness arrives, as a way of developing antibodies that will fight the sickness before the person becomes sick. This gives your body immunity from the disease.

Protects the Community as a Whole

Vaccinations protect the health of a community as a whole because many diseases are contagious and can quickly spread from one person to the next. This is bad news for the very young and the very old because they often have weaker immune systems. When those that are able to be vaccinated get their vaccines it is a positive step for the health of a whole community. This is why it’s a good idea to keep your family current with their vaccines by visiting a Houston family practice.

Vaccines continue to be improved all the time, and even though some feel that there are inherent risks in using them, there are also many obvious benefits. The entrance of vaccines has protected communities from being infected by epidemic illnesses as well as kept many people from contracting things that would have created great sickness in them.

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