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Finding Your Soul Mate

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When Ol’ Man Winter has released his grip on the world, when the sun stays out longer and people come out of their caves from hibernation, the first stirrings of love can be felt in the warm breezes. Warm weather brings people together and the pull of the heart becomes a biological and emotional need for attachment. Many people try to fight this call, this inner yearning, but others embrace it with their whole being and start searching for their soul mate.

Finding Your Soul Mate

Finding the Missing Parts

When the pull of love drags a person out among the wolves, they immediately put on their “looking for the right one” glasses and make the wrong decisions in relationships. Stop trying to find that one person that completes you, but find the missing parts yourself and become a complete person. Trying to fill a gap with yourself with someone else doesn’t work. When the relationship is over, when there is a “break up”, parts of yourself become broken because you allowed someone else to replace your missing pieces. Before seeking that someone special, find yourself and live the life you want to live.

Don’t Try to Be Attractive

Yes, don’t try to be attractive. Don’t try to be anything. Smart. Funny. Athletic. Just stop that madness. Stop trying to be something you are not to find love. If you are living the life you want to live, if you have found the missing pieces, then you will automatically start becoming more attractive, more confident, and more appealing to potential romantic partners. By being comfortable in the skin you are wearing, it makes you look and feel authentic and happy. This will automatically start attracting lovers like bees to honey.

Become What You Are Looking For

So, after that visit to the psychic love specialist where you were told you would find someone mysterious and bold, where do you start looking?

Try the mirror first. See if you have theses qualities are in yourself first and, if not, then find them. When a person is attracted to qualities in another person, it is because they desire these qualities within themselves. When a relationship is formed from seeking out these attractive qualities, it begins a bonding pattern of opposites attract. While these relationships start off with strong attraction, in the end, they get mired down by each person only relating to each other through the only part that created the bond in the first place. For love to truly work, find yourself first before looking to fill a missing part of your heart.

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