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What To Consider When Buying A Roof Rack

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Unfortunately, not all cars have spacious boots that allow you to stow bags for those weekend getaways. The good news is that roof racks are able to fix that problem by giving car owners the means to secure bicycles, kayaks, luggage, and any other times onto the tops of their vehicles Different racks will match the shapes and sizes of different cars, and attachments such as cargo carriers enable the more adventure-minded car own the option of taking surfboards, ski equipment, canoes, and other such gear along for the ride. Installing a rack is easy, depending on the type purchased, and finding the right one for one’s car is even simpler.

The Different Types

Vehicles are able to have three different types of roof racks. These are factory-installed, removable, and strap racks. Each type offers car owners various options, and the one you choose will depend on the need for the rack.

What To Consider When Buying A Roof Rack


This rack is permanently attached to the top of the car where the manufacturer put it during production. Four towers are attached to the roof with cross-bars running across the area as indicated by the towers. These racks give the owner the option of running cords around the luggage to secure it to the car. For those looking for something a little sturdier, cargo carriers can be bought to attach to the factory-installed roof rack. These carriers can be used specifically for attaching snowboards, ski equipment, canoes, surfboards etc.

Removable Racks

For those vehicles that do not come with a pre-installed rack, the removable version is attached to the car via clips that attached to the top of the doors with straps for extra security. They offer all the same possibilities as the factory-installed racks do, with the ability to remove them being the only difference.

Strap Roof

This type is made up of two or more pads to protect the vehicle’s paint from the cargo. The straps loop through the car doors and attach themselves around the roof to secure items to the top of the car. This option is quite popular with those wanting to transport snowboards and surfboards, as it is an effective way of securing flat, long items to the car without spending much money or effort.

Other Things to Consider

When looking for the perfect roof rack that meets the needs of the drive and the vehicle, there are several factors that should be considered. Size capacity, expected travelling, conditions, budget, and accessories are all important in the buying process.


For all attachable racks, its size needs to work the size of the vehicle’s roof. When looking for the right one, it is important to make sure the size of the rack and the car roof match. Furthermore, the size of the items you are going to carry also need to match the size of the rack.

What To Consider When Buying A Roof Rack

Travelling Conditions

The requirements of typical conditions need to be considered during the buying process. For example, if a roof rack is required to hold a surfboard for the weekend, then a permanently installed rack probably isn’t needed. However, if you like to go skiing, then a ski-specific cargo carrier and rack is a must-have. Another consideration needs to be the length of the trip.


The price of roof racks will vary in price, depending on the quality of the features and design of the rack itself. Factory-installed racks are hard to gauge when it comes to price, considering they come with the car. Removable racks are affordable and provide the quality of a permanent roof rack with the ability to remove it when needed.


As previously mentioned accessories such as cargo carriers are of significant benefit for keeping luggage secure and protected from harsh elements, such as rain or snow. There are other carriers that are able to carry specific gear and equipment. For example, people who enjoy the snow might buy carriers that can hold their skis and snowboard. Furthermore, there are carriers suitable for almost every piece of large equipment you may wish to attach to your car.

In conclusion, whether you are interested in the snow, the beach, or the bike trail, there is a roof rack that will be able to suit every need. The choice will largely depend on the vehicle specifications and the buyer’s budget. The cargo carriers can be purchased separately to offer greater protection and peace of mind when travelling with expensive pieces of equipment.

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