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Do Away With Extra Body Fat Through Liposuction Surgery

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Obesity has always been a major health problem that a large section of Americans suffers from. If you have been bothered with problems caused by excess weight, then it is time you consider undergoing a laser liposuction. Thanks to rapid developments taking place in the field of medical science, procedures like body contouring and fat removal have been replaced with a new surgical method known as liposuction. This treatment is ideal for people with a fair skin tone who intend to remove fat. It is also suitable for people who are in good shape but have some stubborn areas of fat. A laser liposuction surgery can help you remove large volumes of unwanted fat from your body.

Do Away With Extra Body Fat Through Liposuction Surgery

Traditional liposuction vs. Laser Liposuction-The difference

The traditional liposuction procedure starts with a local anesthetic. During the recovery period, you are likely to experience swelling and bruising. Laser liposuction process is somewhat different. It is performed in different beauty salons and clinics all over the country. During surgery, a laser is used to create a hole in the fat cell. This causes the cell to deflate and die. The fat is then carried off by the lymphatic system and excreted.

The results tend to vary, and some people may experience a better weight loss as compared to others. You need to exercise within a couple of hours after treatment and stick to a healthy, low carbohydrate diet for a specific duration after the treatment. The exercises that you perform help to boost lymphatic drainage. This is a necessity while undergoing this type of treatment.

Do Away With Extra Body Fat Through Liposuction Surgery

After Effects

Once you undergo this type of surgery, you will experience some tightening effect. It might take a few months for new collagen to be created to do away with tight skin. But keep a few things in mind. Liposuction will not do away with your problems instantly. You will need to follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen. You need to have good elasticity, in case you have excess skin part from fat pockets. A body lift may be suitable in such a situation.

You can consult an expert surgeon to decide whether to opt for a traditional liposuction or a laser liposuction process. The latter uses hollow metal tubes known as cannulas for removing fat from areas where it accumulates to form fatty deposits. Though it works on areas with less fibrous tissues, other types of energy-based ultrasonic liposuction methods can provide better results in more fibrous areas such as bra rolls and upper abdomen.

But, when it comes to body and face, laser liposuction is considered more appropriate by medical experts. Laser energy is used on fiber tissues to break up fat cells. Some surgeons are of the opinion that it offers an added benefit of slightly tightening loose skin. However, you are likely to feel less swelling and bruising as compared to other techniques. Therefore, it would be wise on your part to consult an expert surgeon who has hands on experience in this field.

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