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What Is Panic Attack (Anxiety Disorder)?

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Panic disorder is a real condition that may manifest in different ways. There are many signs of panic attack. Our body may start to shake and quiver, in some cases it feels like having a sudden out of body experience. This is a situation that we don’t feel we can control and we will quickly laps into a full blown panic attack. Our heart races and we gasp to allow our lungs absorb more oxygen. AT this moment, we just want to curl up and wait anxiously for the horrible sensation to go away. Many teenagers experienced their first genuine panic attacks. So, when the attack occurs, they just feel really awkward and start to sweat. At more serious cases, people could even start to persuade themselves than a swift death is much better then enduring this torture. People with panic attack need serious help and their condition can become so serious that they need to quit their jobs. It is also impossible for them to discover harmony in life. The symptoms and signs of anxiety disorder have been clinically identified and they can manifest themselves as many different physical symptoms.

What Is Panic Attack (Anxiety Disorder)

Fortunately, there are ways we can do to deal with this problem. Family, medications and counsellors can help us lead a normal life once again. Panic attacks may come without any kind of warning and it’s not based on emotions we build up in our mind all day. However, early symptoms of an impending attack may include dizziness, feeling about to faint and heart palpitations. Some people may also feel that they are about to throw up and they have sweaty palms. These are actual physiological symptoms that something has gone wrongly. Many cases of panic attacks are caused by irrational fears, especially if we don’t have control at all. In this case, we are being forced to face the horrible consequences. People can be worried if they are told to do something that they don’t want to do. One common characteristic of people with panic attack is that they believe that they are descending deeper into mental problem. They may also be fearful that they are about to have stroke or any kind of cardiovascular problems. In short, far of death is something that’s common among people with panic attack.

Unfortunately, panic attack is very unpredictable and people are simply having continuous fear. In general, one in fifty people could suffer varying degree of panic attack and many of them are females. Studies show that panic attack could be passed down genetically. Many people have light or moderate forms of panic attack, but more serious forms can be very difficult to deal with. A full blown panic attack often renders people completely hopeless. They can be frozen and in many cases, unable to stand. They could retreat from connecting with other people, because they are fearful about suffering an attack in front of many people. They can become quite antisocial, although they don’t hate people.

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