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How To Run A Successful Medical Practice

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Running a medical practice needs all types of expertise and skills that need to be acquired alongside having a degree in medicine! Although a lot of experienced and skilled doctors want to open their own practice and look after their own patients, they also need to think about the business and marketing skills that are involved with running a successful medical practice. 

If you’re a qualified Doctor or Dentist that wants to open their own practice soon, here are some things you need to do to run a successful medical practice that you may have not thought about. 


Improve Your Communications With Patients 

Your practice will need to become close with the local community in order to be successful. One of the best ways you can ingratiate your practice with the local community is to improve your communication with your patients. Sending out automatic text or email reminders about upcoming appointments and prescription renewals is a great way to improve communications with your patients, and get them more invested in their health. Sending them home with detailed notes and pamphlets regarding what was discussed in the session can also help massively when it comes to improving doctor-patient relationships. 

You should also consider having ‘information days’ or sending out weekly newsletters with medical information. For example, you could send out a newsletter about the dangers of mixing paracetamol and alcohol, or hold an information day about cultivating a healthy lifestyle at the practice. If your patients feel as if the practice’s doctors care about their health, you will ensure that your medical practice has a great reputation, and retains its patients. 


Delegate Tasks 

Many doctors feel as if they should be doing everything at their practice, including running the place, doing marketing, taking care of administrative tasks and much more alongside treating patients! However, one of the secrets to running a successful medical practice is knowing where to delegate. Employ an office manager, secretaries, and a marketing manager and get them to do those duties, so you can focus on treating patients – this way, you won’t feel overwhelmed with all of the tasks! By delegating everything that needs to be done at your medical practice, you can more successfully run a medical practice. 


Rely On Your Budget 

Setting a good budget and sticking to it is also crucial when it comes to running a successful medical practice, just like any other business. You need to make sure that your cash flow is healthy and that you can pay off any debts. You should also make sure that there are funds allocated in case of a major disruption, such as a staff departure or a supply shortage. Having these separate emergency funds and putting a detailed financial plan in place to help you in case of a financial crisis will help if anything goes wrong. 


Invest In Technology

Part of running a successful medical practice is the quality of your patient care. A strategic investment in technology can help your medical practice run smoothly and automatically, and can provide a considerable return on investment. For example, investing in software automation that organises your patient data and streamlines workflow can help your resident doctors put more time into helping their patients. During the pandemic, virtual doctor’s visits allowed people to get the medical help they needed from their homes. If you invest in this technology for your medical practice, you could considerably expand your customer base, thus making your medical practice more successful. 


Set High Standards For Patient Care

Investing in technology for better patient care is amazing, but you should put protocols and procedures into place to ensure that targets for patient care are being fully met. You should make sure that all of your staff work by a code which allows them to fill out paperwork properly, as illegible writing and filing issues can lead to patient mix-ups, which then leads to improper care. It’s important that your staff stay on the ball and ensure that the paperwork is in order and organised correctly to keep your patient’s health records fully organised – technology can help here to prevent customer mix-ups. 


Plan For The Unexpected 

As well as making a detailed financial plan, you should also plan for every scenario which could prevent your practice from working properly. For example, you should plan for what happens if a natural disaster hits your area, or if your entire workforce goes on strike. Although these might seem unlikely, you should put a plan in place just in case. In business, it is always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared. You may need to consult legal staff or pay for insurance to protect yourself in these scenarios, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. 


Track Your Metrics

One of the best ways you can track the success of your medical practice is to track your metrics. Putting technology in place to track the number of patient visits per week, month and year alongside patient satisfaction results and any mistakes can allow you to see how well you’re treating your patients. By tracking and analysing this data, you can make it easier to see where your medical practice needs to improve and find ways of improving your patient satisfaction rating. You can monitor these metrics internally, but you may also find it helpful to get medical practice consulting to help you find any solutions. 


Have A Digital Presence 

In the modern age, many people look for everything they need to know on the internet – medical news, advice, medical practices and much more. They go to the same place to watch funny YouTube videos, find party dresses, and get medical advice. If you create a website for your medical practice and put information such as blog posts on there, you will ensure that your website has more visibility and can attract more patients. Sharing positive news about your medical practice can help you cultivate a better business reputation, and can improve customer-patient relationships. 


Invest In Cybersecurity 

At a medical practice, you will have to look after a large amount of sensitive patient data, including private medical records and perhaps financial information. Unfortunately, this makes you a target for cyber hackers, and it is your legal responsibility to protect your patient’s data as much as you possibly can. You should be investing in the best medical cyber security services for your medical practice, who are well-versed in encrypting and protecting patient data. If you don’t take the steps to protect your patient’s sensitive data, you could find that you will be subject to a heavy fine and could take heavy reputational damage if the data is breached. Protect your patient data today and employ the best cyber security available. 

Although running a successful medical practice can seem daunting – as long as you put your patients first, you will be doing it right. 


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